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    3 matches comment Hi, can anyone ID the fimiliar looking font that spells 'hulk' and 'june 13'? The 'incredible' looks like microgramma, which is similar to the rest, but really I need the exact font from the 'hulk' bit. Just did a quick browse of freeware fonts, xscale doesn't seem quite right, maybe it's a freeware version of a proper commercial font, any ideas? Thanks very much.
    2 matches comment I will do that, Photoshop has incredible capabilites.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 Alex, did you receive a "You are incredible!", lately? So that's what you are. Works perfectly. Thank you very much.
    1 matches comment WOW; KKat, incredible work. Your energy is awesome. Have! A! NICE! Evening!
    1 matches comment Wow, incredible, you are right. Thanks Ivan, for this info. I ... ahem ... was looking where you got the number from, and, well, it is black on white on the start page. *blush* Glad you are in the team, Ivan. *thumbsup* Alex, you should change the claim of your website ;^D
    1 matches comment That should be Cool Air Conditioner by Fontdiner.com (scroll down a bit). The Incredible was slanted.
    1 matches comment Here I would like to quote Norfok® Incredible Font Design. If you want free cheese feed your cow, goat or sheep.
    1 matches comment You should not ask for a commercial font for free. And most certainly not if it is for a job.Your client wants that font? OK. The price of the job goes up with an incredible $22. Who is going bankrupt over there?
    1 matches comment Welcome to the home of the world-famous, hands-free Aneros Prostate-Perineum Stimulators. Through their patented, anatomical design, Aneros products provide incredible sexual pleasure by directly stimulating the prostate, which is now being called the Male G-Spot. Backed by years of testimonials from happy customers, and great reviews on the radio, books, magazines and on the web, Aneros has established itself as the ultimate source for male sexual fulfillment. Since 2002, we have been creating products that give men the ability to experience mind & body expanding pleasures that truly reach the soul.
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