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    3 matches comment Hi, can anyone ID the fimiliar looking font that spells 'hulk' and 'june 13'? The 'incredible' looks like microgramma, which is similar to the rest, but really I need the exact font from the 'hulk' bit. Just did a quick browse of freeware fonts, xscale doesn't seem quite right, maybe it's a freeware version of a proper commercial font, any ideas? Thanks very much.
    2 matches comment I will do that, Photoshop has incredible capabilites.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 Alex, did you receive a "You are incredible!", lately? So that's what you are. Works perfectly. Thank you very much.
    1 matches comment WOW; KKat, incredible work. Your energy is awesome. Have! A! NICE! Evening!
    1 matches comment Wow, incredible, you are right. Thanks Ivan, for this info. I ... ahem ... was looking where you got the number from, and, well, it is black on white on the start page. *blush* Glad you are in the team, Ivan. *thumbsup* Alex, you should change the claim of your website ;^D
    1 matches comment That should be Cool Air Conditioner by Fontdiner.com (scroll down a bit). The Incredible was slanted.
    1 matches comment Here I would like to quote Norfok® Incredible Font Design. If you want free cheese feed your cow, goat or sheep.
    1 matches comment You should not ask for a commercial font for free. And most certainly not if it is for a job.Your client wants that font? OK. The price of the job goes up with an incredible $22. Who is going bankrupt over there?
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