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    3 matches comment Would that be the 'hondafont'? The one with the Honda logo and the wings? If so, in the metric data you see that it is a licenced font: Font Family: Hondafont Full Name: Hondafont Style: Regular Postscript Name: Hondafont » Unique identifier « Sharkshock Productions: Honda Regular:1999, 2000 » Version « visit www.sharkshock.uni.cc » Trademark « Hondafont is a registered trademark of Sharkshock Productions. » Copyright « Hondafont © Dennis Ludlow 2000. All Rights Reserved » File data « Hondafont.ttf Date : 23 September 2000 Time : 21:44:18 Size : 34 KB (35,384 Byte) » Windows metric data « IBM font class: No Classification Font subclass: Vendor Name: HL Licence: The font is licensed. Licensed fonts may not be modified or exchanged. But, have a look at Dennis Ludlow's site, www.sharkshock.com , and you'll see that Dennis offers it a freeware. It is under famous fonts > autos.
    1 matches comment :confused: I saw a honda one once, but Volvo has escaped my evil clutches (as of yet)
    1 matches comment I need the font,if available or any lookalike, in which "Dazzler" is written in the attached screenshot.
    1 matches comment hello its me the SIMULARITY MAN, so today I sugggest a font called Jazz, its pretty much similar :D
    1 matches comment Hello Im absolutely new at this. Could anyone help me find out what is the official font type or style for GANT USA. you can see it on www.gant.com or I have also attached a picture taken from the webiste. Thank you ! Jazz
    1 matches comment Hi Katie- There's a possibility that this exists as an actual fontset, but it's far more likely that the designer(s) have altered the size, kerning and case of the characters to jazz the logo up a notch. If this is the case, then it's probably either Futura or Avant Garde, with the "W" inverted to create a more interesting "M". Both fonts are available from www.myfonts.com by numerous foundries, but unfortunately they're commercial. Of course, if anyone else cares to put me right, they're more than welcome. All the ta's, -Trnquist
    1 matches comment [quote:455923077b="libertyct"]in some cases i have downloaded fonts that did not come with any readme file so how do i protect myself as a designer if im gonna use those fonts in my work[/quote:455923077b] See your post about Honda in Fontmania. If you downloaded the font from a site that respects copyright issues, like Abtractfonts, you can be pretty sure the font is freeware. eg you can use it. To be absolutely sure read the metric data in the font file. Issues like licence, copyright and designer are to be found there. Almost always an email addres or a website. So in case of doubt you can ask the designer. Some ask for a small fee for commercial use. Fair enough I think. If you got the font bundled wit software like many corel or macromedia packages you obtained the font legally and you have the right to use it. Even if the fonts came with a trial version.

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