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    14 matches comment I need a font just like Times New Roman except that the small g is the modern style (like in this font) rather than oldstyle. Does such a font exist? If not, is there any free software with which I can make the modification and resave the font under some other name? Preferably something easy to use. Thanks.
    6 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11906 !Sketchy Times, Bold shares exact metrics with !Sketchy Times, Regular, for overlapping, alternating and other effects. See sampler for more ideas. Get The Regular version here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/download/11905
    2 matches comment Oh what a beautiful land is yours! I've been in Salzburg and Wien a couple of times and had a nice holiday – when I was a kid – somewhere near Bregenz. I've even been to the Franz-Joseph commemorative celebration once :D (sorry, I do not speak German)
    7 matches comment Hi, what's the name of this typeface? Bye bye
    6 matches comment I need a free(or cheap) alternative to the following font: "TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT" Not just Times New Roman. Any suggestions? This is for Open Office.
    5 matches comment Big4 said: For headers I used style (under format) "TableMatrix", format"Times New Roman" and size "10". I also varied some headers with all caps or italics. What should I add?
    4 matches comment Jessica, why do you always post 2 times?
    3 matches comment Hi, Could someone please help me find an old font called Times Mirror Font? It was a Times Roman font that had to be read in the mirror. Thanks, Brad
    1 matches comment Adam, I see 3 times an A, 3 times an E, 3 times an O. Let's give the L and R the benefit of the doubt. So you can be right. It is possible that the higher ASCII characters are used. Has happened before. Or ... do we suddenly also have a middle case and/or a top case and/or a bottom case?
    2 matches comment Does anyone have any idea what two fonts are used in the Fast Times At Ridgemont High? Any assistance would be very helpful and appreciated! Thanking you in advance, jfknt

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    Holiday Pi
    RA Holiday
    Holiday ROB
    Good Times Bad Times
    Geisha Holiday
    Holiday Borders
    Holiday Doodles
    Holiday Doodles Too
    Holiday Ranch
    Linotype Holiday Pi 1
    Linotype Holiday Pi 2
    Linotype Holiday Pi 3
    Roman Holiday NF
    Kidnapped At Old Times
    Kidnapped At Old Times 10
    Kidnapped At Old Times 2
    Kidnapped At Old Times 3
    Kidnapped At Old Times 4
    Kidnapped At Old Times 5
    Kidnapped At Old Times 6
    Kidnapped At Old Times 7
    Kidnapped At Old Times 8
    Kidnapped At Old Times 9
    Good Times Bad Times
    Holiday and Party Words
    Junge Holiday Cuts NF
    LTC Holiday Ornaments
    Golden Times
    Golden Times Two
    Good Times
    Helvetian Times
    International Times
    Kidnaped At Old Times 11
    Kidnaped At Old Times 12
    Kidnaped At Old Times 13
    Kidnaped At Old Times 14
    Old Times American
    Times Kangaroo Down
    Holiday Font
    Times LTStd-Bold
    Times LTStd-Italic
    Times LTStd-Roman
    Times LTStd-Semibold
    Times Phonetic IPA
    Holiday Pi Regular
    Geisha Holiday
    Linotype® Holiday Pi #1
    Linotype® Holiday Pi #2
    Linotype® Holiday Pi #3
    Holiday Penguins
    Holiday Springs BTN
    Holiday Springs BTN Lt
    Fat Times Bold
    Good Times Bold
    Good Times Book
    Good Times ExtraLight
    Good Times Heavy
    Good Times Italic
    Good Times Light
    Good Times UltraLight
    Old Times American Heavy
    Old Times American Italic
    Old Times American Titling
    Times Gothic Bold
    Times Kangaroo Down Sport
    Times New Roman MTStd
    Times Ten Bold
    Times Ten Italic
    Times Ten Roman
    Times LTStd-Bold Italic
    Times LTStd-Extra Bold
    Times LTStd-Semibold Italic
    Linotype Holiday Pi1
    Linotype Holiday Pi2
    Linotype Holiday Pi3
    Holiday Springs BTN Bold
    Holiday Springs BTN Quill
    Holiday Springs BTN Quill Lt
    Holiday Springs BTN Wobbly
    Roman Holiday Extrabold
    Good Times Bold Italic
    Good Times Book Italic
    Good Times ExtraLight Italic
    Good Times Heavy Italic
    Good Times Light Italic
    Good Times UltraLight Italic
    Old Times American Italic Heavy
    Times Europa LTStd-Bold
    Times Europa LTStd-Italic
    Times Europa LTStd-Roman
    Times New Roman MTStd-Bold
    Times New Roman MTStd-Bold It
    Times New Roman MTStd-Cond
    Times New Roman MTStd-Cond It
    Times New Roman MTStd-Italic
    Times Ten Bold Italic
    Holiday Springs BTN Quill Bold
    Linotype Holiday Pi Complete Family Pack
    Holiday Doodles Too
    Times Europa LTStd-Bold Italic

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