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    6 matches comment Hey all, I'm hoping one of you font gurus can identify which font they used for the Sex and the City logo. Thanks a million!
    3 matches comment Can anyone ID the font on the Wolverhampton City Council logo, I'm after a quick responce on this if possible Thanks Guys
    4 matches comment HI, Can anyone identify the font used for the word "OFICIAL FORUM" in this logo? Thanks,
    1 matches comment I'm looking for the font used on the side of the Ireland Rail Inter City trains that reads "Inter City" It may be a custom so if you know of a similar font that I could adjust that would be fine. I prefer free fonts. peter
    2 matches comment Hey crew, Is anyone able to help me identify this one? It's the Kansas City Royals script, and looks alot like Fenway Park and Wrexham Script/Script but isn't quite there. Any help would be appreciated. Also, how do you run a script font through a font identifier? Cheers
    3 matches comment view details for free font #14984 zzz
    1 matches comment At this size on a blury embroidery, i'd say a City Bold http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/berthold/city-be/bold/
    2 matches comment I've been trying to figure out the font used for "Carrie" in the name necklace that the character wears in "Sex in the City." I haven't had much luck, does anyone here know? Thanks! :)
    1 matches comment Try City Bold BQ
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16442 On a walk I've done in May 2016 with a friend by the Belgian city of Bruges, I found along the roads surrounding the city a phrase carved on a stone (Elke dag belooft me ik beloof dag) typography was me curious, interesting and attractive at a time to digitize, with a style that could be described as modern and relaxed runic,

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    Emerald City Fontwerks .

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    CCAstro City
    City BQ Bold
    City BQ Light
    City BQ Medium
    CCAstro City Italic
    Blues City
    LOLO City
    City BQ Bold Italic
    City BQ Light Italic
    City BQ Medium Italic
    Sofia City Ink
    Sofia City Pencil
    CCAstro City Bold Italic
    Lolo City
    City Pro Bold
    City Pro Light
    City Pro Medium
    Sofia City Demo Pencil
    Sofia City Ink Italic
    Sofia City Pencil Italic
    Berthold City Bold
    Berthold City Light
    Berthold City Medium
    River City Sandwriting
    Union City Blue
    City Pro Bold Italic
    City Pro Light Italic
    City Pro Medium Italic
    Berthold City Bold Italic
    Berthold City Light Italic
    Berthold City Medium Italic
    Fun City Level 1 Basic
    Fun City Level 1 Dots
    Fun City Level 1 Stencil
    Fun City Level 2 Basic
    Fun City Level 2 Frame
    Fun City Level 2 Stencil
    Fun City Level 3 Basic
    Fun City Level 3 Frame
    Fun City Level 3 Reflection
    Fun City Level 3 Stencil
    Fun City Level 4 Basic
    Fun City Level 4 Dots
    Fun City Level 4 Frame
    Fun City Level 4 Reflection
    Fun City Level 5 Basic
    Fun City Level 5 Dots
    Fun City Level 5 Frame
    Fun City Level 5 Reflection
    Fun City Level 6 Basic
    Fun City Level 6 Dots
    Fun City Level 6 Frame
    Fun City Level 6 Reflection
    City Bold
    GRK1 Universe City
    Ornaments City
    Zabumba City
    Union City Blue Regular
    City BQ
    City BE
    City BQ Volume
    City Light
    City Medium
    City Volume
    Ornaments City
    Berthold City BE Volume
    City Gas Bold
    City Gas Light
    City Gas Medium
    City Gas Volume
    Blues City Regular
    Mini Pics™ Naked City Day
    Mini Pics™ Naked City Night
    Mini Pics Naked City Volume
    FF City Street Type Volume
    AstroCity-Intl Complete Family Pack
    AstroCity Complete Family Pack
    Terfens Bold
    Terfens Italic
    Terfens Light
    Terfens Regular
    Spills Regular
    Terfens Bold Italic
    Terfens Light Italic
    Spills Intl Regular
    Terfens Complete Family Pack
    Dutch Courage Dark
    Dutch Courage Draught
    Dutch Courage Lite
    Dutch Courage Black And Tan
    Dutch Courage Complete Family Pack
    Gobbledygook Complete Family Pack

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