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    3 matches comment any ideas??? thanks!!
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15023 Latest fan-based font created to look like the title sequence from the latest Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes TV series on Disney XD I created this for my 5 year old son who loves Super-Heroes. I was never happy with this so for the latest version that is completely redrawn, kerned and embeddable for commercial use please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2dH5zik
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15149 Loved this NBC series so much I created this FAN-BASED font for all based on the title sequence of the series, enjoy the photos of Hayden Panettiere and Ali Larter while you are here. Capitals are based on the chapter titles and lowercase based on the extra title information"...SAVE THE CHEERLEADER, SAVE THE WORLD." This font is classed as Donationware all proceeds will go directly to Help for Heroes Registered Charity No.1120920 , please give whatever you can to help support our wounded @ http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/give-support/donate-now
    2 matches comment view details for free font #15461 This font has been created as FREE for personal use, for a commercial license please contact spideray@windowstipsclub.com, it is a work in progress please check back for later versions
    1 matches comment Need help identifying this font so I can load it and read names on this app. Thanks for any help you can provide. (ĐꐠɆ)ƓґԾԾ
    2 matches comment Probably our own most important ambitions with regard to Diablo III is usually to help buy diablo 3 items and make incurs with the grotesque beasts in addition to vices of the Diablo 3 universe even more tactically interesting compared to they've been in prior mmorpgs. The challenge sits in carrying out that will without having taking away the particular accessibility, pace, plus forwards energy that this series is known to get. Here's exactly how most of us prefer to accomplish of diablo 3 gold. "Part connected with creating colossal encounters much more helpful sets on the shoulders on the monsters themselves -- yet it really is equally necessary that marilyn and i prepare yourself anyone, along with our own heroes, intended for interesting combat. " First, we have now summoned forth your malevolent throng with brand-new, additional diverse monster types.And then players are able to buy cheap d3 item in order to game monsters. While you challenge by way of Diablo III's areas, the seemingly unlimited wave connected with monsters will certainly observe anyone. Your decision in order to deal with (or maybe go) along with the obtain in which you hew by having a tv screen rich in Diablo 3 gold players may impact this pace plus emphasis regarding battle.If you are interested in diablo 3 equipment, just come to our angrygold.com site and get some gold basis to get it started with influence. And more information about the D3 game, you can find out at our angrygold.com site.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #16537 I created this font based on my old Justice League of America comic #261 The Final Chapter from the 1970's. With the new DC Comics movie due out in 2017 here is my personal look back over the last 50 years of this particular League of Justice seeking Super-Heroes. This Fan-Font has just gone through a major update 3/5/2017 now at v2.007 now features both the latest JUSTICE LEAGUE movie glyph's on the CAPITALS and and the existing glyph's from v1.007 from the earlier Justice League of America comic from the 1970's. This Fan-Font is now spanning almost 50 years of JUSTICE. I guess I'm putting new font together are you in? For the fully kerned OTF embeddable commercial version with numbers and accented glyph's please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2ny9KEI

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