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    5 matches comment I want Hindi Stylish Fonts for DTP work. Help !
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 as a moderator, you have access to http://dev.abstractfonts.com/ Check it out and let me know if the dynamic images show up for you. You might have to open the details for one of the fonts and resave the preview text so it remembrs it for dev.af let me know if you have any difficulties
    3 matches comment uploaded image I'm looking for the "Sweden Wide" font (possibly another name as well?), or any other that is very similar to it? Someone told me that it's part of Word, but I don't have that program. Anyway, I found a teeny, tiny, example from a website that I've attached. Sorry it isn't bigger. Appreciate the help. ~ Terre
    1 matches comment Impact Wide should do the job.
    1 matches comment Handdrawn, but inspisred on Uni Wide in lower case. Check http://new.myfonts.com/tags/graffiti/?sort=abc#top_of_page
    4 matches comment Hmm, never heard of a font like that. But you may want to think about taking a font with a "sliced zero" and take it for an u/c O. Some fonts which have this are: Dev Gothic Labtop Lane-family interesting typeface ... Micro Mieps-family Street Street-Corner Maybe that helps.
    1 matches comment Latin Wide.
    2 matches comment well, i use PHP with MySQL... everything that you see on this site is done in PHP. however, it is mostly Linux/Unix-oriented language. If your server is NT, ASP would be the way to go. you can learn JSP when you will be learning Java. PHP is VERY easy to start and it is VERY powerful. Also, it is the most popular language for web dev... so i'd go with PHP http://www.php.net
    1 matches comment Latin Wide.
    2 matches comment ? how can i download lmg rupen wide gujarat font

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    Jakita Wide Regular
    Quidic Very Wide Very Wide
    Wide Noise
    Impact Wide
    Jingle Wide
    Super Wide MF
    Uni Wide
    Aaux Next Wide Black
    Aaux Next Wide Bold
    Aaux Next Wide Hairline
    Aaux Next Wide Light
    Aaux Next Wide Medium
    Aaux Next Wide Regular
    Aaux Next Wide Thin
    Aaux Next Wide Ultra
    Abia Wide 4F Thin
    Clarendon Wide SC-Bold
    Clarendon Wide SC-Medium
    Clarendon Wide SC-Regular
    Clarendon Wide Sketch
    Clarendon Wide Stencil
    Clarendon Wide-Bold
    Clarendon Wide-Medium
    Clarendon Wide-Regular
    Copperplate Wide Bold
    Copperplate Wide Light
    Copperplate Wide Medium
    Copperplate Wide Regular
    Copperplate Wide Thin
    Egyptian Wide Bold
    Impact Wide Italic
    Metroflex Wide Bold
    Metroflex Wide Heavy
    Metroflex Wide Light
    Metroflex Wide Med
    Metroflex Wide Obl
    Metroflex Wide Reg
    Reservation Wide Black
    Reservation Wide Bold
    Reservation Wide Regular
    Debs Wide
    Debs Wide Twopack
    Debs Wide Black
    CA Zaracusa Wide Regular
    CA Zaracusa Wide Bold
    CA Zaracusa Wide Italic
    MCM Hellenic Wide
    Oksana Sans Wide
    Aaux Next Wide Black Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Bold Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Hairline Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Light Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Medium Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Regular Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Semi Bold
    Aaux Next Wide Thin Italic
    Aaux Next Wide Ultra Italic
    Abia Wide 4F Thin Italic
    Clarendon Wide Sketch-Bold
    Clarendon Wide Stencil-Bold
    Metroflex Wide Bold Obl
    Metroflex Wide Bold OSF
    Metroflex Wide Heavy Obl
    Metroflex Wide Heavy OSF
    Metroflex Wide Light Obl
    Metroflex Wide Light OSF
    Metroflex Wide Med Obl
    Metroflex Wide Med OSF
    Metroflex Wide Obl OSF
    Metroflex Wide Reg OSF
    Reservation Wide Black Oblique
    Reservation Wide Bold Oblique
    Reservation Wide Regular Oblique
    CA Zaracusa Wide Italic Alternates
    CA Zaracusa Wide Regular Alternates
    CA Zaracusa Wide Bold Alternates
    CA Zaracusa Wide Light Alternates
    CA Zaracusa Wide Light Italic
    CA Zaracusa Wide Light
    CA Zaracusa Wide Bold Italic
    LifeAfterCollege Wide
    OL Franklin-Wide SC
    Saloon Wide
    Aaux Next Wide Semi Bold Italic
    Metroflex Wide Bold Obl OSF
    Metroflex Wide Heavy Obl OSF
    Metroflex Wide Light Obl OSF
    Metroflex Wide Med Obl OSF
    CA Zaracusa Wide Bold Italic Alternates
    CA Zaracusa Wide Light Italic Alternates
    Oksana Sans Wide Bold
    Oksana Sans Wide DemiBold
    Oksana Sans Wide Heavy
    Oksana Sans Wide Light
    Oksana Sans Wide Thin
    Jingle Wide
    Mangal Regular
    Mangal Bold
    Smokehouse Wide
    Condor Wide Black

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