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    11 matches comment You can not and should not. Helvetica Neue is a commercial font.
    8 matches comment looking for helvetica neue fonts or something similar, can somebody help me?
    3 matches comment Hi, I am trying to take an unpublished manuscript that I have rights to and print out pages to be bound (the book will be a gift). A lovely local printer gave me instructions to format w/ 1 1/8" margins and use Helvetica narrow and he will send the pages off to be bound as a proper book. However I am on a Mac and it doesn't offer Helvetica narrow. As the purpose of the narrow was to keep the work legible while keeping the number of pages the same / manageable for binding (it's in 12 point TNR now) I am wondering if Helvetica CV, which I do have on my Mac, would work. Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance to the experts who donate their time to help the totally inexperienced, e.g. me.
    2 matches comment I am trying to find Helvetica Medium in true type font. I thought it would be simple but NO. I have about 20000 fonts and no helvetica medium. I have HelveticaNeueLT-Medium. Is that it? Any help would be appreciated.
    3 matches comment I am looking for this font...I thought that it was helvetica bolded because of the R but it doesn't seem to fit...is there another font out there that is like helvetica or do I need to modify myself? :( Thanks for your help!
    3 matches comment harabara is an awful modification of Helvetica.
    3 matches comment Straight Helvetica with less weight, as in aeroplanes should be the use.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hello, Impact will not do the Job. Look at the letter 1 and then look at Helvetica Inserat and Helvetica Condensed. Helvetica Inserat -> BT Swiss 921
    1 matches comment Hi, It's should be Helvetica Inserat, Helvetica Bold (Collector's ... and George ...) and Helvetica Bold Condensed (The original ...). Bye bye
    4 matches comment [quote:12a998dee3="alex"] well, it kinda grew already... i get 5000-6000 uniques/day.. so right now i am just looking for way to expand [/quote:12a998dee3] Oh I thought you said you had 1000+ visits a day. If you have 5,000 - 6,000 then it's a great idea to expand. Good Luck, Paul

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    Vigor DT Black 1000
    Barocca Monograms-1000
    Helvetica Black
    Helvetica Bold
    Helvetica Compressed
    Helvetica Cond
    Helvetica Fractions
    Helvetica Light
    Helvetica Obl
    Helvetica Roman
    Museo Slab 1000
    Vigor DT Black Italic 1000
    Vigor DT Condensed Black 1000
    Darling Monograms-1000 Impressions
    Museo Slab 1000
    Memoriam Initials (1000 Impressions)
    Monarchy Initials (1000 Impressions)
    Museo Slab 1000 Italic
    Vigor DT Condensed Black Italic 1000
    Helvetica Black Obl
    Helvetica Bold Obl
    Helvetica Cond Black
    Helvetica Cond Bold
    Helvetica Cond Obl
    Helvetica Condensed Light
    Helvetica Extra Compressed
    Helvetica Fractions Bold
    Helvetica Light Obl
    Helvetica Rounded Black
    Helvetica Rounded Bold
    Helvetica Ultra Compressed
    Museo Slab 1000 Italic
    Museo Sans Rounded 1000
    Museo Sans Rounded 1000
    Phoenica Std Mono 1000
    Diamant Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Moissanite Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Morningside Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Mouchoir Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Neuport Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Noir Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Ruse Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Tagliato Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Tryst Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Helvetica Neue Black
    Helvetica Neue Bold
    Helvetica Neue Cond
    Helvetica Neue Exp
    Helvetica Neue Heavy
    Helvetica Neue Italic
    Helvetica Neue Light
    Helvetica Neue Medium
    Helvetica Neue Roman
    Helvetica Neue Thin
    Helvetica Cond Black Obl
    Helvetica Cond Bold Obl
    Helvetica Cond Light Obl
    Helvetica Rounded Black Obl
    Helvetica Rounded Bold Obl
    Helvetica Rounded Cond Bold
    Helvetica Value Pack
    Diamant Monogram Outline (1000 Impressions)
    Diamant Monogram Solid (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Bijou Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Bindi Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Carson Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Escutcheon Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Manoir Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Pantomime Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Royaume Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Semicirculus Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Vice Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    MFC Viper Monogram (1000 Impressions)
    Moissanite Monogram Center (1000 Impressions)
    Moissanite Monogram Sides (1000 Impressions)
    Morningside Monogram Basic (1000 Impressions)
    Mouchoir Monogram Outline (1000 Impressions)
    Mouchoir Monogram Solid (1000 Impressions)
    Neuport Monogram Backdrop (1000 Impressions)
    Neuport Monogram Outline (1000 Impressions)
    Neuport Monogram Solid (1000 Impressions)
    Noir Monogram Ornate (1000 Impressions)
    Noir Monogram Solid (1000 Impressions)
    Ruse Monogram Inline (1000 Impressions)
    Ruse Monogram Solid (1000 Impressions)
    Tagliato Monogram Outline (1000 Impressions)
    Tagliato Monogram Solid (1000 Impressions)
    Helvetica Neue Black Italic
    Helvetica Neue Bold Italic
    Helvetica Neue Bold Outline
    Helvetica Neue Cond Black
    Helvetica Neue Cond Bold
    Helvetica Neue Cond Heavy
    Helvetica Neue Cond Light
    Helvetica Neue Cond Medium
    Helvetica Neue Cond Obl
    Helvetica Neue Cond Thin
    Helvetica Neue Cond XBlack
    Helvetica Neue Exp Black
    Helvetica Neue Exp Bold

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