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    1 matches comment nice kitty kitty good kitty kitty ROFL
    3 matches comment Please tell me where can I download this "Kitty" font? I asked the Anne Geddes website customer support for the Font Type and they said it was "Kitty". However, I tried searching for it but I can't find any site where I can download it. Thanks.
    6 matches comment Hi, I came across this font will browsing some Hello Kitty Wallpapers. Can someone please tell me what font is this or where can I download this font? Thanks a lot!
    1 matches comment Could anyone tell me the font used by Sanrio in the Hello Kitty logo? Thanks[/img]
    2 matches comment I need to know the name of the font of Hello Kitty logo
    1 matches comment Why thank you KKat. I just got a new kitty this weekend :)
    1 matches comment Cry Kitty that was but Typo Upright's 5 is better.
    1 matches comment Many thankings upon you and your kitty! (I love cats.)
    1 matches comment OK, thanks nice kitty. I think duo-line will be close enough to at least keep me from having to draw all of the letters...
    1 matches comment i assume this is called hello kitty font, lol

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