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    1 matches comment you can indentificate it? sorry for the english i'm from mexico
    1 matches comment Hi. I am looking for the font that is used on a lot of tattoos on people from mexico, and southern America. I have seen it on a lot og movies, All the cool latinos have written something on there body with this "font". Hope you understand me, my english ain't that good. Sorry. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.
    1 matches comment Please!!! could someone help me by giving me or sending me the myriad roman normal font. I?ve been searching it on the net and i don?t find it. Please, the Lord will reward your good heart. my mail is ...@---.com ...or reply to this message with my request..that is..the font. Thanks. Edit kk: We do not send commercial fonts here. Not even to Mexico.
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