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    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me where I can download the font the Miami Heat basketball team uses for the word "HEAT" on their jerseys... preferably for free if possible? Thanks.
    2 matches comment Hello, I'm looking for suggestions regarding a font. I'm looking for something with horizontal lines through the letters, thin, almost techy. The lines can either be random or consistent. I suppost context would help, I'm looking to label an arcade button "heat vision" for the old Superman game. Definitely not looking for flame related fonts, but something modern and clean would be fantastic. I like the idea of the lines indicating motion or lasers.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15402 Blush Bear waves Hello...
    1 matches comment It always pays to have a look at the ReadME-Files. At Australian Sunset it says: "created from font called 'Bog Standard', aslo by Gemfonts but not yet available to general public". But that was 1998. So GemFonts have had published the Bog Standard. It is the plain font without the waves and lines. Have fun.
    1 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you? hope your well. Yes I know I threw you a curved ball not including subject! (I think its the heat getting to me!) I just thought it would have been apt given the fonts feline'ish name if you would have got it first. Kind Regards Gary
    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me what this font is or one that is very similar?
    1 matches comment I need help. I need fonts for all NBA teams excluding the following: Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets Washington Wizards Golden State Warriors Orlando Magic can u ppl tell me the names of them if u know? Mr. Baron (asw_scorpion@hotmail.com , aswlive@yahoo.ca)
    1 matches comment Hey there- The forum seems to have gone a little cold response-wise in the last week or so - which I'll take my share of responsibility for - so allow me to return a little heat to the proceedings. Anyhoo, the font you're looking for is Poster Bodoni Italic, by Linotype. The link there will take you to MyFonts. Hope that does you... Refreshingly, -Tørnquist
    1 matches comment I absolutely share his feelings. This is an awesome place to live with most people being open and accepting people. It is very culturally diverse here so that could be the main reason for it. I have been to the US, but seeing thick bulletproof windows separating cashiers from the customers with a sliding box to place your money in, at a fast food restaurant made me miss Canada, big time. And Canada has universal health care which is very important since i have never had it any other way. After watching Sicko, it made me sicko... I cannot imagine having to contemplate which body part to give up because taking out a huge loan will only pay for one of them. Insane. It is only colder here in the winter time, at the moment it is 22C, but few days ago we had a heat wave of 34-36... And with the global warming, cooler might be better in the long run and there is plenty space in Canada which is probably the least densely populated country in the world. I havent seen other great countries like Sweden and Switzerland and others, but i am obviously happy with Canada.
    1 matches comment Forum collision has begun here! Looks like somebody has turned up the heat on here! Definitely this forum is in trouble! It might be the best of all-time forums, but surely it has no chances of surviving the wild pressure coming from all the analogue-rival forums! It is the best and this is why it will go down in a month! I don't know! Unless it has more than a couple of thousands of visitors showing their devotion to this open-for-everybody ADULT boards, it will inevitable fall in the collision of Internet's best all-time forums! Everybody envies the best - it's not a secret for everybody! As well as this forum is also still running and is also of no secret to the likes of you and me! Enjoy - ADULT CHAT BOARD P.S. Moderators! I make my apologies if I had posted this topic into an incorrect area. Please, do not delete it, just move it to the appropriate area ___________________ FREE ADULT SEX FORUM FREE SEX CHAT ROOM - FREE SEX CHAT FORUM - ADULT PERSONALS - ADULT DATING

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