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    8 matches comment Hello, I am in desperate need of the font used for Love heart Candy! Please see attached image. Any assistance in locating it would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance. JT.
    3 matches comment ;) thats cool.. here try "heart" instead of "hearts" even more results... http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=heart
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15448 Created to pay homage to the excellent BBC series SHERLOCK.....The password on Idler's phone is S.H.E.R and, with the background, it reads "I AM SHER LOCKED" (I am Sherlocked) like "I'm into Sherlock" or "Sherlock conquered my heart". Sherlock cracks the password exactly because she said that her phone is her life and he deduces that it's her heart. For the fully kerned OTF embeddable commercial version of this font please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2eGLGMM
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12686 My heart always beats for you
    1 matches comment Alex, you are God!!! thanks from the bottom of my heart! have a nice day, Boris
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12418 With this font, as is, not I'm afraid. The heart is there though, the circumflex.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #4773 curles, hearts, arrow through heart
    1 matches comment The font is located on the CD (right), it's used for both The Windows Theater and the songs and signs. Thank you, An Abstract Fan at Heart =]
    1 matches comment Well, LA is close at heart. I used to live almost around the corner of that famous foundry.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12008 Hi, Gyom. This font is absolutely amazing. I would really like to use it for something i am creating! Would you be able to create a large heart shape in the same style at all? Regards Mike

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