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    8 matches comment Hello, I am in desperate need of the font used for Love heart Candy! Please see attached image. Any assistance in locating it would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance. JT.
    3 matches comment ;) thats cool.. here try "heart" instead of "hearts" even more results... http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=heart
    3 matches comment After quite a bit of searching I am at a loss........ Can anyone link me up with a font that has numbers of which the zero has a diagonal or vertical line through it ?? Just like the old days, lol, when we would write a line thru the zero to differentiate it from the letter O.... I hope someone can help me. Thanks, Kerry
    1 matches comment Looking for font for Save the Date and Tyler Austin Also Ventura, CA and Formal invitation to follow I know the We're getting married is Windsong Also would like to know dingbat font for scroll on dividing line and on either side of date and heart Thanks!
    1 matches comment third line is serpentine and last line is american typewriter. anyone know the others?
    4 matches comment Hello...I'm looking for a free font similar to Algerian. I especially like the shape of the "A". I would like it to not have the second shadow line. Thanks.. ~Joanne F.
    1 matches comment Hello, My laptop crashed, and apparently wherever I had gotten this font from, I can't find it on my new desktop while redoing my website. I would think the font was either from Microsoft Office or Photoshop, though it's possible it came from another program... it's been too long since I worked on it. =( Anyway, if you could help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks http://www.jononoble.com/line-Resume.jpg http://www.jononoble.com/line-Lagniappe.jpg http://www.jononoble.com/line-Head%20Shots.jpg http://www.jononoble.com/line-Short%20Bio.jpg
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15448 Created to pay homage to the excellent BBC series SHERLOCK.....The password on Idler's phone is S.H.E.R and, with the background, it reads "I AM SHER LOCKED" (I am Sherlocked) like "I'm into Sherlock" or "Sherlock conquered my heart". Sherlock cracks the password exactly because she said that her phone is her life and he deduces that it's her heart. For the fully kerned OTF embeddable commercial version of this font please visit my Etsy Store @ http://etsy.me/2eGLGMM
    2 matches comment is there someone who knows where i can download font single line. its use for engrave. thanks
    1 matches comment I see that it's the same font - EXCEPT that it doesn't have the tri-line. Pump Tri-line is very similar, but it doesn't have closed ends like this font does. Any suggestions on how I can get this font with the tri-line?

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    Heart Doodles Too
    Heart Sweet Heart
    Heart Doodles Regular
    Beat EF Back Beat
    Beat EF Hard Beat
    Got No Heart
    Heart Sweet Heart Regular
    EF Beat Back Beat
    EF Beat Hard Beat
    CCBack Beat
    Beat Bold
    Beat Italic
    Heart Doodles
    Heart Doodles Too
    Heart Matrixed
    Hopeless Heart
    Unchain My Heart Chained
    CCBack Beat Bold
    CCBack Beat Heavy
    CCBack Beat Italic
    CCBack Beat Light
    Beat My Guest
    Voel Beat MN
    Beat Bold Italic
    CCBack Beat Bold Italic
    CCBack Beat Heavy Italic
    CCBack Beat Light Italic
    KG Heart Doodles Regular
    Back Beat
    Got No Heart Regular
    TBMatrix Heart
    FB Beat DS
    FB Beat HL
    FB Beat IL
    FB Beat LS
    Heart Matrixed Regular
    Heart Breaker BTN
    On The Line
    Butterfool Heart
    Paltime Heart
    Platinum Beat BTN
    Beat My Guest Regular
    Back Beat Intl
    Platinum Beat BTN Chiseled
    Platinum Beat BTN Outline
    Platinum Beat BTN Raised
    FB Beat Complete Family Pack
    Voel Beat Regular
    Paltime Heart
    Tattoo Girl Heart
    KG Change This Heart Regular
    A Morris Line
    Christel Line
    Conga Line NF
    Hair Line
    Line Wire
    Christel Line Black
    Line Wire Bold
    Line Wire Italic
    Line Wire Light
    Line Wire Medium
    Line Wire Thin
    Ultra Condensed Line
    Hearts Value Pack
    Red Star Line NF
    Line Wire Bold Italic
    Line Wire Thin Italic
    Altemus Holidays One
    Doodles the Alphabet Line
    Olympik Bold Line
    Olympik Fine Line
    Shiraz In Line
    Dox Line
    Paperocked Line
    Portal Line
    Prisma Line
    Sarkozi Line Patterns Pi
    Dox Line Regular
    Akimoto Line
    Cuadrifonte Line
    Geometric Line 01-01
    Geometric Line 01-02
    Geometric Line 01-03
    Geometric Line 01-04
    Geometric Line 01-05
    Geometric Line 01-06
    Geometric Line 01-07
    Geometric Line 01-08
    Geometric Line 01-09
    Geometric Line 01-10
    Montique In Line
    Montique Out Line
    Pritchard Line Out LET
    Santa 2 Line
    SB Message Line
    Shiraz In Line
    Superbold Line
    Vasco In Line

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