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    5 matches comment ? NO one can name this font, and NO NO NO it isn't - Engravers Old English.....can anyone help?
    1 matches comment who knows what the name is of the font from the abstractfonts header??? i really nead it
    3 matches comment Hey guys, I am working up an ad/informational piece that is going to go in the local Dallas Morning News. They are doing an article on our product and one of the key features of our product is that we can put peoples logos on it. Normally I would ask them for a copy of their logo, but I think my employer wants to make a good first impression with, and then scrap it if they don't go for the idea. You can check out their logo at: http://www.dallasmorningnews.com/. I just need to know what font the header is. Thanks for your help in advance.
    3 matches comment ? Hi I am trying to track down the bottom two fonts on this header . If anyone has an idea I would really appreciate. Thanks Robert Burns
    2 matches comment There are millions of newspapers out there, and each one has its special header font - what newspaper are you thinking of? Have you got a scanned picture of the font? Ute
    2 matches comment Can anyone tell me the name of the font in this attached header? thx in advance
    1 matches comment Help???
    1 matches comment I am reproducing a header for a women's rehab centre and can't find the font for the text "Helping women step into their destiny" (in white laid on the pic). The closest I've come is fonts in the 'Friends' family ('Friends 14' and 'Friends 15') but they are still not quite right. I've shown an example of Friends 14 in white laid on a purple background below the header. There are subtle differences in the font I'm looking for as you can see from the examples shown in the pic. Eg: The letters are more rounded, particularly the lower case 'd', 'e', 'p' and 'w', the 'g' has a different tail at the top and the letter 's' is thinner. I know I may be being picky but as the font has been used in other advertising material we are keen to get it right. Does anyone know what the font is? [PS: When I first posted this I realised only half the pic is displayed. For those who haven't worked it out (like me!) if you click on the pic you'll get the full pic shown and be able to see the full text examples.]
    2 matches comment [quote]@alex:the confirmation email of the forum or the site membership? i cannot seem to locate where i have that typo. [/quote] Alex: It was in the E-Mail with the header "Abstract Fonts Member Password". It definitely has the adress alex (at) abstarctfonts.com
    1 matches comment ! Hello Can any one tell me which is thwe font used in the website header? http://www.mmaqbool.com/ Thanks Sathish

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