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    1 matches comment Hi all. Just a little help. I need a font that is composed of letters within (black?) balls (i.e, to simulate Lotto or Bingo balls) that is *neater* than *Circulate* or *Bowlarama* (i.e., more of a helvetica or roman font -- I've also seen *Balls*(?) and the inner font is too decorative). Any suggestions? TIA!! XXX smoocher (I have been looking sporadially for a long time!)
    1 matches comment it's called Harvey. :D
    1 matches comment Like the A has circles, balls or "bubbles at every corner of the letter.
    1 matches comment I am not exactly sure that this is the font that you are after but anyway.... :confused: ask jeeves for .. where can I find free scary fonts? you should get an option for "the claw" thats where I found KaBlam (along with about another 50 fonts I downloaded ;)) also there is a font called Puffys Dreamland which I think is on thsi very site, but thats more like small balls, but its cloud-esque :D
    1 matches comment uploaded image No real match I'm afraid. But if you make it as fuzzy as your pict the Mirish (Thomas Harvey) aka Expo (Corel) aka EstralDB (Christine Mauerkirchner und Rainer Grunert) aka Fish Face (unknown) - stretched to some 112% - may be a usable replacement and fool most people.
    2 matches comment I'm definitely in love with Stilla (http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/elsner_flake/stilla/) and Julia Script (http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/elsner_flake/julia_script/) and I tend to put them wherever is possible. I also like Annlie XB Italic (http://www.linotype.com/88637/annlieextrabolditalic-font.html) and Thorowgood Italic (http://www.linotype.com/90327/thorowgooditalic-font.html). Do you know any other font with the same spirit, and those sexy balls at the ends?
    1 matches comment Hi Folks, Can you please identify the font used in my Logo on www.neoscooters.com ? I want to make stickers, and the gif images are too small. When I stretch them on Adobe Photoshop they rasterize badly, soooooo if I can find the font, the logo is easy enough to recreate. Thanks, Harvey Braswell www.neoscooters.com sales@neoscooters.com [img:8efe03fb01]http://www.neoscooters.com/images/larger_logo.gif[/img:8efe03fb01]
    1 matches comment ...without pics :D I can't find the magazine in which I've seen a beautiful, elegant, rounded typewriter font. Maybe it was the «How to spend it» magazine with the last Weekend FT. God knows. I tried to search on MyFonts and the only one similar to what I've seen is LTC Remington Typewriter (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/lanston/ltc-remington-typewriter/) but it is not exactly what I'm looking for. It is too “squared”. The one I saw was more soft, even lighter, with slightly bigger balls as serifs. Could you suggest me something?

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    Thomas E. Harvey external .

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    Harvey LET
    Linotype MhaiThaipe™ Face + Balls
    Strayhorn® Italic
    Strayhorn® Light
    Mentor Volume
    Mentor™ Black SC
    Mentor™ Bold SC
    Mentor™ Light SC
    Mentor™ Regular SC
    Strayhorn® Bold
    Ellington® Bold
    Strayhorn® Extra Bold
    Strayhorn® Bold Italic
    Strayhorn® Light Italic
    MT Zephyr Regular
    Mentor Serif Volume
    Cusp Bevel
    Cusp De Stijl
    Cusp Globular
    Cusp Loose
    Cusp Rounder
    Varius™ Musika
    Geodot™ Regular
    Linotype Kropki™ Roman
    Cusp Dots
    Cusp Square
    Varius™ 1 Italic
    Varius™ 2 Italic
    Varius™ 2 Roman
    Varius™ 3 Italic
    Varius™ 3 Roman
    Varius™ Ornaments
    Samantha Script Italic
    Samantha Script Ornaments
    Samantha Script Upright
    Samantha Script Volume
    Cusp Bevel Oblique
    Cusp Globular Oblique
    Cusp Loose 3 D and Fill
    Cusp Loose Oblique
    Cusp Rounder Oblique
    Cusp Rounds Family
    Cusp Squares Family
    Ingram BT Regular
    Linotype Space Balls™ Regular
    Cusp Half Round
    Cusp Square Oblique
    Samantha Script Basic Volume
    Samantha Script Italic Basic
    Samantha Script Italic Select
    Samantha Script Italic Swash
    Samantha Script Select Volume
    Samantha Script Swash Volume
    Samantha Script Upright Basic
    Samantha Script Upright Select
    Samantha Script Upright Swash
    Cusp Complete Family Pack
    Cusp Rounder Oblique 3 D and Fill
    Samantha Script Catch Words
    KG True Colors Regular
    Cusp Half Round Oblique
    Varius Complete Family Pack
    Whassis™ Frantic
    Zeitgeist™ Condensed
    Argenta Volume
    Cypher 3 Bold
    Cypher 3 Light
    Cypher 4 Bold
    Cypher 4 Light
    Cypher 5 Light
    Cypher 7 Bold
    Cypher 7 Light
    Cypher 3 Regular
    Cypher 4 Regular
    Cypher 5 Regular
    Cypher 7 Regular
    Piercing™ Regular
    Zeitgeist™ Cameo
    Cypher 3 Bold Italic
    Cypher 3 Light Italic
    Cypher 3 Regular Italic
    Cypher 4 Bold Italic
    Cypher 4 Light Italic
    Cypher 4 Regular Italic
    Cypher 5 Bold Italic
    Cypher 5 Bold Oblique
    Cypher 5 Light Italic
    Cypher 5 Regular Italic
    Cypher 7 Bold Italic
    Cypher 7 Light Italic
    Cypher 7 Regular Italic
    Samantha Pro Complete Family Pack
    Bubbledot™ Coarse Negative
    Bubbledot™ Coarse Positive

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