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    1 matches comment I am looking for this font, it is not a Harley Font it is customized.
    1 matches comment Hi, I've been looking everywhere for this font. I only need the Harley Davidson Text part of it. Thanks
    2 matches comment Does anyone know which font is used for the harley davidon shield logo?
    1 matches comment It's so simple, it's difficult, if you know what I mean. Can anyone tell me what font is used for HARLEY'S?
    1 matches comment [quote:6411d4385e="hungrydave"] Hi, just got back from prague. All the street signs out there look really 'communist' need to find a similar font. Imagine the words inscripted on stalin / lenin / marx's grave. U get the idea. please help. dave@geekrecords.co.uk [/quote:6411d4385e] Buckle-up hungrydave!! I have been staring at this post for quite a while now and must admit I am flabbergasted. On this forum and others I have seen many posts phrased as 'new york yankees font', 'harley davidson font' and so on. Everyone with more than 0.2% of the average gray matter knows that there are no such fonts but just fonts used to cerate a new york yankees /harley davidson logo/website/... As there is no 'dumbo font' to describe the corporate housestyle typeface of the White House - or Tony Blair for that matter. So we decrypt and respond. But this time it goes beyond ignorance or lack of historical understanding or education. This one is plain stupid. Suddenly, apparently there are 'bhudist', 'catholic', liberal, 'conservative' and 'communist' fonts. Fonts, rather typefaces, stupid, are a reflection of time. Not of an ideology. In the part of the world where latin script - which includes cyrilic (not relevant in this case) - is used fashion and the style of a specific period it time determines the type being used. So the Prague street signs, as well as the Paris and Amsterdam, are reflections of the time that they were designed, The 1920's. Any idea, historical wonder, when communism came to Check? Satisfied? OK.
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