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    1 matches comment uploaded image I have to say, upon perusing this forum a bit more than I had initially, I am quite taken aback by the frequency people post asking where they can find "such and such commercial font" for free! Do they not know that people in the design business, in general, respect the work of fellow artists? Whether corporate or freelance? Requesting a known commercial font for free would be better suited on a hacker or torrent site I would think, rather than a legitamit font site... No wonder you guys are (in all honestly) a little quick to react a bit coldly or short, you have to deal with this sort of ignorance practically non-stop! I do take into consideration, that many people requesting commercial fonts for free do not intend to be a sleaze bucket, they are not aware that this type of request is not considered to be in good form. They seem unaware that fonts that come with software or operating systems are infact commercial fonts, not to be re-distributed, therefore, requesting commercial fonts for free would certainly be permissable. Like fonts are really nothing at all. Sigh. No biggie, just how commonplace these requests are made is something I was really not aware of! Well, Cheerio.
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