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    2 matches comment Hi everyone, I'm giving thanks in advance that someone knows if there was ever a font made to match the movie grease and the link to it, I'd prefer a free version if possible
    5 matches comment When URW packaged it years ago - they gave it a name of Aritus - and they made AritusD-Bold and AritusD-ExtraBold as well as the AritusD-Regular. The only font I know named Brochure was a font that was a ripoff of Book Jacket - another nice face...
    1 matches comment Hey all, I've been looking for a Pink Panther font forever now. I'm talking about the one from the cartoon; an example of it can be located here: http://www.pinkpanther.com Thanks!
    1 matches comment tastes like burnt rubber and hot grease!! yuk! :)
    1 matches comment What's the fon't used for the "Sexy Ladies" part of this logo?
    2 matches comment Cheers mate, it is that DS Nova type. Must have overlooked it when searching this site. I think those indents were done manually, as it is only used on the title. The script font, well the image is a picture from a jacket and the font you see there is an embroidery so that could explain why it's so 'messy'.
    1 matches comment i guess, i wanna change it to like color white or blue or red or pink
    2 matches comment Wow i thought you had a sweet girly side which would appreciate the softer, more contemporary, colourful, i-have-a-gf-and-i-am-confident-with-my-sexuality touch of pink! Fine, here, cooler boyish blue... Or do you hate all colour and love the miserable grey? * hit refresh if you dont see the latest colour scheme * are you getting email notifications about new messages? i dont think i got any after you replied...
    1 matches comment please tell me the font of the purple a, pink y, blue c, and yellow c. please! ive been looking everywhere for it!
    1 matches comment I think i saw that pink elephant last night. It might have been my black cat, but by that time my sensory inputs were very influenced. Thank you kk, ivan and others who help making this site what it is. I wish you health and peace in the coming year!

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