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    2 matches comment Hi everyone, I'm giving thanks in advance that someone knows if there was ever a font made to match the movie grease and the link to it, I'd prefer a free version if possible
    5 matches comment When URW packaged it years ago - they gave it a name of Aritus - and they made AritusD-Bold and AritusD-ExtraBold as well as the AritusD-Regular. The only font I know named Brochure was a font that was a ripoff of Book Jacket - another nice face...
    1 matches comment tastes like burnt rubber and hot grease!! yuk! :)
    1 matches comment Hey all, I've been looking for a Pink Panther font forever now. I'm talking about the one from the cartoon; an example of it can be located here: http://www.pinkpanther.com Thanks!
    1 matches comment What's the fon't used for the "Sexy Ladies" part of this logo?
    2 matches comment Cheers mate, it is that DS Nova type. Must have overlooked it when searching this site. I think those indents were done manually, as it is only used on the title. The script font, well the image is a picture from a jacket and the font you see there is an embroidery so that could explain why it's so 'messy'.
    1 matches comment i guess, i wanna change it to like color white or blue or red or pink
    2 matches comment Wow i thought you had a sweet girly side which would appreciate the softer, more contemporary, colourful, i-have-a-gf-and-i-am-confident-with-my-sexuality touch of pink! Fine, here, cooler boyish blue... Or do you hate all colour and love the miserable grey? * hit refresh if you dont see the latest colour scheme * are you getting email notifications about new messages? i dont think i got any after you replied...
    1 matches comment Hello everyone - I'm looking for the italics font that reads "North American Wildlife" in the top left corner. Any ideas ladies and gents?
    1 matches comment Anyone know what the font is on this jacket?

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