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    4 matches comment Hi there, I'm recreating the poster for 'Dead Man's Shoes' for a college project and ideally want to do everything from scratch, so the font would be useful! Thanks in advance!
    2 matches comment Hi, I've been looking everywhere for the font used in the title of the Dawn Of The Dead movie posters and video covers but haven't had any luck. There is a 2004 remake and the font for that keeps popping up, but I can't locate this one. Can anyone help? Thanks
    2 matches comment The subject line pretty much says it all. I have searched every place known to me without any luck. Hopefully someone here might be able to assist me. I need to know the typeface and/or font for the xbox game Dead Or Alive 3, later released in the same series seem to have the same font but I have yet to be able to track down what font it is?
    2 matches comment Looking for font to match the text in the "Night of the Living Dead" poster.
    3 matches comment all of those sites appeared to be dead to me... is it just me?
    3 matches comment So I found the last one I wanted, but I couldn't find this one in your serif section. It's a dead ringer for Aachen, but the serifs are all different. Any suggestions?
    2 matches comment The second font is for the Braveheart DVD and is special because of the triangle inside the A. If anyone can identify either of these 2 fonts, I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
    2 matches comment Need an ID on this font please Thanks in Advance Always grateful Josie
    1 matches comment If anyone can help, i'd be most grateful. Thanks
    1 matches comment Thank you very much indeed Schwalben. I am most grateful.

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