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    2 matches comment ? I am looking for a fond named GOTHAM BOOK, hopefully I can find a place to download in free. It would be very appreciated if anyone can link me there. Thank you.
    4 matches comment ! Does anyone know if there is a clone for Gotham?
    1 matches comment Looks like Gotham by H+FJ.
    1 matches comment Avant Garde Gothic Extralight probably.
    2 matches comment Hi, it's might be Gotham Medium and Light (Hoefler & Frere-Jones): http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100008&path=head Bye bye
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14280 very good alternative to the ever popular HFJ Gotham :)
    1 matches comment I would say Gotham Bold
    1 matches comment Hi, Gotham by Hoefler & Frere-Jones? http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100008&path=head Bye Bye
    1 matches comment Anyone know of a good (free) substitution for the following fonts: Americana HTF Gotham Condensed Book Thanks, SM
    1 matches comment I am looking for a free font that is similar to the Gotham Book font. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Gotham Rail Company NF
    Gotham Rail Company NF Regular
    Korataki Extralight
    Zalamander Extralight
    Constellation ExtraLight
    Revolution Gothic ExtraLight
    Angostura ExtraLight
    Axaxax ExtraLight
    Bullpen ExtraLight
    Carbon ExtraLight
    Condor ExtraLight
    Coolvetica ExtraLight
    DDT ExtraLight
    From The Stars ExtraLight
    Gaz ExtraLight
    GGX88 ExtraLight
    Gnuolane ExtraLight
    Grotext ExtraLight
    Interstate ExtraLight
    Jesaya ExtraLight
    Kimberley ExtraLight
    Madawaska ExtraLight
    Madawaska ExtraLight SC
    Maqui ExtraLight
    Mimix ExtraLight
    Mitigate ExtraLight
    Movatif ExtraLight
    Novel Pro ExtraLight
    Novel Std ExtraLight
    Novel Std SC ExtraLight
    Pirulen ExtraLight
    Pragmatica ExtraLight
    Pricedown ExtraLight
    Pupcat ExtraLight
    Reversal ExtraLight
    Silicone ExtraLight
    Sofachrome ExtraLight
    Standard CT ExtraLight
    Strenuous ExtraLight
    Taste ExtraLight
    Tussilago ExtraLight
    Tuxedo ExtraLight
    Uniwars ExtraLight
    Wyvern ExtraLight
    Zingende ExtraLight
    Biondi Sans ExtraLight
    Revolution Gothic ExtraLight Italic
    Verve AE ExtraLight
    Neuropolitical Extralight
    Taste ExtraLight Italic
    Taste ExtraLight
    GGX88 ExtraLight
    Lytiga ExtraLight
    Mashine Extralight
    Steelfish Extralight
    Constellation ExtraLight Italic
    Galderglynn Esq. ExtraLight
    Biondi Sans ExtraLight Italic
    Lytiga Condensed ExtraLight
    Lytiga ExtraLight Italic
    Steelfish Extralight Italic
    Board of Directors Extralight
    Neuropolitical Extralight Italic
    Angostura ExtraLight Italic
    Bullpen ExtraLight Italic
    Carbon ExtraLight Italic
    Condor Comp ExtraLight
    Condor Cond ExtraLight
    Condor Extd ExtraLight
    Condor ExtraLight Italic
    Condor Wide ExtraLight
    Coolvetica ExtraLight Italic
    DDT Cond ExtraLight
    DDT Ext ExtraLight
    DDT ExtraLight Italic
    Facit-Extralight Italic
    From The Stars ExtraLight Italic
    Gaz ExtraLight Italic
    Gnuolane ExtraLight Italic
    Interstate Compressed ExtraLight
    Interstate Cond ExtraLight
    Interstate ExtraLight Italic
    Madawaska ExtraLight Italic
    Madawaska ExtraLight Italic SC
    Maqui ExtraLight Italic
    Mashine Rounded-Extralight
    Novel Pro ExtraLight Italic
    Novel Std ExtraLight Italic
    Novel Std OSF ExtraLight
    Novel Std SC ExtraLight Italic
    Pirulen ExtraLight Italic
    Pragmatica Cond ExtraLight
    Pragmatica Ext ExtraLight
    Pragmatica ExtraLight Oblique
    PT Parangon 130 ExtraLight
    Pupcat ExtraLight Italic
    Reversal ExtraLight Italic

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