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    10 matches comment This has been on WTF - and is driving me a bit bananas. I can't recognize it - please, can anyone here? http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/forum/viewthread.php?threadid=69298 Thank you in advance.
    8 matches comment Anyone knows what is this font? Looks like Arial rounded, but I can't find it.
    4 matches comment If it's not too late: Frankfurter, VAG rounded, Helvetica Rounded, Arial rounded are the most popular rounded typefaces.
    2 matches comment ? I am looking for a fond named GOTHAM BOOK, hopefully I can find a place to download in free. It would be very appreciated if anyone can link me there. Thank you.
    4 matches comment ok so I'm trying to match the stencil font on the passenger's side mirror on most cars. you know the one that reads "OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR" I have found several stencil fonts that are close but none that are an exact match. anyone wanna take this one?
    4 matches comment ! Does anyone know if there is a clone for Gotham?
    1 matches comment Hi, The image has a low resolution and I am not able to recognise the details. It's just look like a fututa rounded (AKA VAG rounded) stencil/open ... look in older threads and you find similar fonts: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/36534 http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/36523 Is the typeface rounded? See VAG-Round! Is the typeface close to VAG-Round? This might be a hand crafted modifikation? Bye bye
    1 matches comment Looks like Gotham by H+FJ.
    1 matches comment Download free font Monitorica - http://www.iphostmonitor.com/monitorica-font.html Each letter is a shape unto itself, a shape that may serve as an illustration, as an icon, as a vessel, or as a graphic focal point, apart from its meaning as an alphabetic unit. Monitorica stencil fonts consists not only of capital letters with rounded edges and thick main strokes, but has everything needed for fine body text as well. Since 1937 stencil was common font for army-themed displays, but let there be peace, Monitorica!
    3 matches comment I've run across this strange stencil-like font, and after a couple of hours of searching, I've simply not found one remotely like it. Anyone seen this before, or have any idea what it might be? Thanks!

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    Rounded Stencil AI-Regular
    Rounded Stencil AI-Rough
    Stencil Rounded
    Rounded Stencil EF Bold
    Rounded Stencil EF Bold Rough
    EF Rounded Stencil Bold
    EF Rounded Stencil Volume
    EF Rounded Stencil Bold Rough
    Gotham Rail Company NF
    Gotham Rail Company NF Regular
    CA Wolkenfluff Stencil
    PP Equaliser Stencil
    PP Equaliser Stencil Black
    PP Equaliser Stencil Bold
    PP Equaliser Stencil Volume
    Stencil D
    Stencil EF
    AG Rounded Bold
    Stencil Antique MN
    Stencil Compress D
    Stencil Only Shadow D
    Stencil Outline
    Stencil Outline MN
    Stencil Regular MN
    Stencil Relief
    Stencil Solid D
    Ty Stencil Bold
    Ty Stencil Medium
    Ty Stencil Normal
    Octin Stencil Stencil Book
    ArchiType Rounded
    BAQ Rounded
    Predicate Rounded
    Rounded Teen
    Slab Four Rounded
    VAG Rounded
    VAG Rounded
    Wavy Rounded BT
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Bold
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Medium
    Memphis® Soft Rounded Volume
    Arston Stencil AI
    Bo Diddlioni Stencil NF
    Burnaby Stencil
    Concrete Stencil
    Dina Stencil
    Flat10 Stencil
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Bd
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Lg
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Md
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Rg
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Sb
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Th
    Geogrotesque Stencil A-Ul
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Bd
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Lg
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Md
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Rg
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Sb
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Th
    Geogrotesque Stencil B-Ul
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Bd
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Lg
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Md
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Rg
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Sb
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Th
    Geogrotesque Stencil C-Ul
    Glaser Stencil D
    Glaser Stencil SC D
    Gogobig Stencil
    Grim Stencil
    Lyric Stencil NF
    Modernist Stencil
    Newsletter Stencil
    Odalisque Stencil NF
    Pearson Stencil NF
    Plantain Stencil
    Road Stencil
    Rosa Stencil
    Serpentine Stencil AI
    Sra. Stencil
    Stencil Font
    Tek Stencil
    Zebbidy Stencil
    Octin Stencil Stencil Light
    Octin Stencil Stencil Regular
    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Black
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    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Roman
    Basic Commercial™ Soft Rounded Volume
    Neuzeit® Office Soft Rounded Regular
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Bold
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Heavy
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Regular
    Trade Gothic® Next Soft Rounded Volume
    Ty Stencil Cond Bold

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