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    1 matches comment Could be the Gill Alt One MT Book Italic or the Gill Sans Schoolbook Italic.
    3 matches comment ® = Alt + 0174 © = Alt + 0169 ™ = Alt + 0153 in Arial Try it, most other Fonts have these symbols too Eagle
    5 matches comment uploaded image Hiya, can anyone suggest somewhere to get a free version of this font or one very similar? I've seen one that would do the job with even wider serifs, particularly on the central vertex of the W's, but I couldn't get that font's name :( I can only find commercial ones available of this alt shaded Engravers, but I can't believe that there isn't a free version of this style of font! Thanks for your help :D Lev
    2 matches comment Venerable GIll Sans
    1 matches comment Gill Sans
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13395 Ummmmm, VERY BAD clone of Gill Sans...not sure if it suits anyone at all. Sorry, Alex.
    3 matches comment I'd suggest either a The Incredibles, by Jay RZay from FilmFonts but it's a little too bold, http://www.fontspace.com/filmfonts/the-incredibles either a Gill Sans MT Ext Cond Bold, but the leg of the R was straightened. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/gill-sans/bold-extra-condensed/
    2 matches comment Hey could use some help. Does anyone know any free fonts similar to EF DIN 1451 Mittel Alt? I need to use the font but cannot afford to pay at this point in time due to financial constraints. Please help! http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?pid=403648
    1 matches comment Hi! The small 't' gave the hint. It's a font of the Gill Sans MT family: Gill Sans MT Extra Condensed Bold It's definitely commercial. greetz

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    Gill Sans® Alt One WGL Volume
    Gill Sans® WGL Alt One Bold
    Gill Sans® WGL Alt One Italic
    Gill Sans® WGL Alt One Light
    Gill Sans® WGL Regular Alt One
    Gill Sans® WGL Alt One Bold Italic
    Gill Sans® WGL Alt One Light Italic
    Gill Sans 3 Alt 1 Volume
    Gill Sans Alt 1 Volume
    Gill Sans® Italic (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Heavy (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Bold (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Book (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Light (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Roman (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Bold Italic (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Book Italic (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Heavy Italic (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Sans® Light Italic (Alt fig 1)
    Gill Hebrew
    Gill New Antique
    Gill Sans® Shadowed
    Gill New Antique Bold
    Gill New Antique Italic
    Gill New Antique Medium
    Gill New Antique Semibold
    Gill Sans Std
    Gill Sans® ExtraBold
    Gill Sans® Bold
    Gill Sans® Roman
    Gill Display Compressed LET
    Gill Kayo Condensed LET
    Gill Sans Display Volume
    Gill Sans® Bold Italic
    Gill Sans® Light Italic
    Gill New Antique Bold Italic
    Gill Sans Std-Bold
    Gill Sans Std-Condensed
    Gill Sans Std-Italic
    Gill Sans Std-Light
    Gill Sans Std-Shadowed
    Gill Sans® ExtraBold Display
    Gill Sans® Ultra Bold Condensed
    Gill Sans Std-Bold Condensed
    Gill Sans Std-Bold Italic
    Gill Sans Std-Extra Bold
    Gill Sans Std-Light Italic
    Gill Sans Std-Light Shadowed
    Gill Sans Std-Ultra Bold
    Gill Floriated Caps MTStd
    Gill Sans® Italic
    Gill Sans Std-Bold Extra Cond
    Gill Sans Std-Extra Bold Disp
    Gill Sans Std-Ultra Bold Cond
    Gill Sans 2 Volume
    Gill Sans® Light SC OsF
    Gill Sans® Ultra Bold
    Alt Alternative
    ALT Apollo13
    Alt Ayame
    ALT Breo
    ALT Fatgami
    ALT Foldgami
    Alt Matey
    Alt Retro
    Alt Vxt11
    Gill Complete Family Pack
    Alt Detsch Frame
    Alt Gothic
    Huxley Alt
    Patron Alt
    Alt Alternative Bold
    Alt Alternative Light
    ALT Apollo13 Black
    ALT Apollo13 Duo
    Alt Ayame Bold
    Alt Ayame Duo
    Alt Ayame Italic
    ALT Breo Bold
    ALT Breo Light
    ALT Breo Negative
    ALT Breo Positive
    Alt Jun Bold
    Alt Jun Regular
    ALT Lautus Bold
    ALT Lautus Italic
    ALT Lautus Light
    ALT Lautus Medium
    ALT Lautus Regular
    ALT Lautus Thin
    Alt Matey Black
    Alt Matey Light
    Alt Mun Bold
    Alt Mun Duo
    Alt Mun Light
    Alt Mun Regular
    Alt Mun Trio
    Alt Re32 Duo
    Alt Re32 Normal
    Alt Retro Black

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