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    11 matches comment I really like this font, it's got all of the nice features of Myriad, but a little softer (notice the slopes). And it's a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black. I tried Identifont, but it came up with ITC Legacy, which is definitely not it :-). Thank you in advance!
    9 matches comment Can someone help with Impact URW D Bold font? I am wonder if someone can upload it (.TTT for windows)
    2 matches comment ? i want to download iterstate light and bold font plz send me
    9 matches comment uploaded image This was done 200 dpi at 320 pt, anti alias smooth.Then some gaussian blur, adjust the levels to b/w and then resize to 404 pixels wide at 200 dpi.
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11689 Dear Abstract Fonts, We love the Existence Light font. Do you have the Regular, Bold and Italic version as well in addition to the Light? Thank you for your help in advance, Regards from Hungary
    7 matches comment I'm looking to match the text of the subtitle in this banner: www.successinsoccer.com/aBanner468x60.gif It's similar to Serpentine Bold Oblique overall, but different in lots of little ways. Has anyone seen it before? Or do you think it's a custom job? Thanks in advance!
    6 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11906 !Sketchy Times, Bold shares exact metrics with !Sketchy Times, Regular, for overlapping, alternating and other effects. See sampler for more ideas. Get The Regular version here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/download/11905
    4 matches comment ! Yep, amongst the bunch are the Koala and the Tropez. The rest of the bunch - though no guarantee to be the complete list of Forged, cloned, pirated, plagiarized copycats of the Kaufmann: Koffee Bold, KoffeeDBol, Kaplan, Kaplan-Bold, Karman Bold, Kauflinn BoldItalic, PenwriteBold, Norman and Sylvia-Bold.
    6 matches comment Does anyone know any fonts similar to rotis sans serif bold? thanks!
    2 matches comment thanx for that.:) now all i need are frutiger 45 (light) 65 (bold) and 95 (ultra black). if anyone can help ill be more than grateful!

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    Hi-Light Bold
    Cooper Light Bold
    Luzaine-Light Bold
    Cooper Light Bold Italic
    Luzaine-Light Bold Italic
    Just Seven Light Light
    Reader Light
    Wide Display Light
    Ayita™ Pro Light Italic
    Verb Light
    Wide Display Light+LightShadow
    Tertre Light-Bold
    Chinat Light Font
    Liebelei Light Italic
    Verb Light Italic
    Rolka Light
    Camy Light Medium
    Camy Light Narrow
    Camy Light Set
    Camy Light Wide
    Clou Light Regular
    Reforma Grotesk Light
    WideDisplay Bold+BoldShadow+Bold 3DUP+Bold 3DDown
    Hi-Light Regular
    Wide Display Bold+BoldShadow+Bold 3DUP+Bold 3DDown+BoldRibbon
    Afrobeat Light
    Light Fit D
    Romic Light LET
    Politica Family
    Julienne Light
    Donnerstag Light
    Sildetas Light
    Sovba Light
    Opportunity Light
    Resonance Light
    Endurance WGL Light
    Julienne Light Italic
    Julienne Light Volume
    LTC Cloister Light and Light Italic Volume
    Quartal Cyrillic + Western Cond Light Light
    Verb Bold
    CM Taluhla Light
    Accord Light
    Chorus Light
    Concord Light
    Julienne Bold
    Wide Display Bold
    Donnerstag Light Italic
    Sovba Light Oblique
    Caridade Light
    Kursk 105 Light
    Kursk 205 Light
    Always Light
    Bi Bi Light
    DF-Ko Light
    m7 Light
    May One MF Light
    Or MF Light
    Still MF Light
    That Light
    Argumentum Light
    Liebelei Bold Italic
    Title Gothic Light
    Love Light ROB
    Romic Light Italic LET
    Endurance WGL Condensed Light
    Endurance WGL Light Italic
    Verb Bold Italic
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next™ Light and Light Italic
    Outlander Nova Light
    Accord Alternate Light
    Accord Extra Light
    Chorus Condensed Light
    Chorus Expanded Light
    Chorus Extra Light
    Concord Extra Light
    Kettering 105 Light
    Uni Sans Light
    Endurance Light Black Family
    Julienne Bold Italic
    Kinghorn 105 Light
    Kinghorn 205 Light
    CM Taluhla Bold
    Kamerik 105 Light
    Kamerik 205 Light
    Kessel 105 Light
    Thirsty Script Rough Light
    Thirsty Script Rough Light One
    Thirsty Script Rough Light Three
    Thirsty Script Rough Light Two
    Glitterati Light
    Julienne Bold Volume
    Slim Kim Light
    Kaleko 105 Light
    Kaleko 205 Light
    Wide Display Bold Ribbon
    Argumentum Light Italic
    Argumentum Ultra Light
    Extreme Sans Light
    Chromosome Light

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