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    1 matches comment Georgia for love&laughter.
    3 matches comment ;) for all the chatting... I forgott the links ftp://ftp.georgia.net.ge/pub/msdos/ttf/A/ search for AVGARDM.TTF AVGARDN.TTF Ute
    2 matches comment Easier than you think - Georgia Bold Italic
    1 matches comment Georgia Bold Italic. Fast enough?
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hey,i am looking for some serif font similar to georgia o Roundslab serif.... I want the R like the roundslab,not like georgia´s one. I would thank you If you could give me some options
    1 matches comment I'm guessing that font is Georgia.
    1 matches comment Do you mean the font used for the text as in «"Lord, teach us to pray." Christ's answer to His disciples' (...)»? It is Georgia.
    1 matches comment Im trying to ID the font that this bottle has for the word Gear. Please help?
    1 matches comment wat's that font used for the word "paradise" 2. i have a question is how do u use georgia font with the close together text on photoshop, can u download it cuz i onl know how tu use it with an html code--> TEXT HERE
    1 matches comment This boring font is called Clarendon. You'll find it on CorelDraw-CD's or here: ftp://ftp.georgia.net.ge/pub/msdos/ttf/C/CLRNDNN.TTF Ute

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