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    1 matches comment that font is "geek-a-byte" or "geek-a-byte 2" both by pizza dude. http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/geek%20byte%202
    1 matches comment Damn, I thought that looked familiar! And they even have a clone at the Trek geek site...
    2 matches comment Thankfully, there's some sample project in the MSDN Library, which uses GetGlyphOutline() with GGO_NATIVE. According to it's licence, I'm free to copy and paste anything anywhere! :D So I'll just have to copy some functions from that one into mine! That makes my job a lot easier. Not the kind of thing that I would have liked to do, but I've no other option now! Anyway, I'll try the changes you have suggested. There's a small mistake in your code - BYTE buffer[buffsize]; I'll have to use dynamic memory allocation, as bufsize isn't constant. :) Thanks!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14101 If interested you can read the whole thread about that beauty, Olicana created by Nick Cooke. Being a type geek/nerd I found it to be a fascinating read :) http://typophile.com/node/16296
    1 matches comment Can any one help me out. From where I can download this font. LADOGA This I think is a russian font but no instance or any reference is available on net. Any font geek have heard of it Help Help
    1 matches comment The author did not really seem to bother. This is what you find in the metric data: » File data « CelticHand.ttf Size : 16 KB (16,824 Byte) » Windows metric data « OS/2 & Windows metric data not available.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14096 Mmmmm yeah maybe. People seem to like it though so who knows... I have ideas on how to improve it further. such as minimizing the extremity of the round overshoots on lowercase letters, as Ivan rightly observed cause an unevenness to the fonts overall appearance... and i'd like to replace te capital M & N with that of "Caviar Dreams" (the corners on them are "flat' as champagne's meet at a point and another tendency of mine is to have such points also meet at an exaggerated overshoot of baselines or cap-hieghts.... see 'N' of lt oksana!) and touch up kerning of course... and extend left and right { and [ symbols to the depth of lowercase descenders.... you know just to name a few. I guess if I do all those things i might as well just consider it a new font w/a new name. he he. and as usual I wrote a novel here, because I am a geek :)
    2 matches comment Would that be the 'hondafont'? The one with the Honda logo and the wings? If so, in the metric data you see that it is a licenced font: Font Family: Hondafont Full Name: Hondafont Style: Regular Postscript Name: Hondafont » Unique identifier « Sharkshock Productions: Honda Regular:1999, 2000 » Version « visit www.sharkshock.uni.cc » Trademark « Hondafont is a registered trademark of Sharkshock Productions. » Copyright « Hondafont © Dennis Ludlow 2000. All Rights Reserved » File data « Hondafont.ttf Date : 23 September 2000 Time : 21:44:18 Size : 34 KB (35,384 Byte) » Windows metric data « IBM font class: No Classification Font subclass: Vendor Name: HL Licence: The font is licensed. Licensed fonts may not be modified or exchanged. But, have a look at Dennis Ludlow's site, www.sharkshock.com , and you'll see that Dennis offers it a freeware. It is under famous fonts > autos.
    1 matches comment Wow. He didn't need to get all worked up like that. If he read were to actually read the comment maybe he would not have been insulted. I did write that some people don't know any better. It is only those who knowingly seek and distribute unauthorized font files that were referred to as "sleaze buckets." And I even wrote that I, myself, albiet it many many many years ago and it is not something I am proud to admit, I was given and accepted a commercial font that was given to me, "unauthorized." Karma is a-- is not so nice sometimes, and the copy of Novella I had, I uploaded it to my little dencity.com site at the time to store it which went belly-up not even days later. I didn't even get to use it! It wasn't meant to be. Sigh. Santa's Sleigh now only for me. All kidding aside, I hope that it is clear, that I am writing about this because there is "no shame in my game," accepting, seeking or distributing unauthorized copies of fonts is not something I do. I was a kid. Who didn't know. :P It's no lie, maybe brash sometimes, thats the Vegas in me, but believe it or not, I really am a geek. I'm a goodie goodie. He he.
    1 matches comment :D Alex, this time i don't agree. The Litograph Light is a Corel equivalent of the Linotype Lithos which indeed is a commercial typeface. The Litograph Light, however, can be found on every Corel Draw CD and is even included in their demo downloads. For details see below. Up to a week (plus) ago the Corel version was on this very site: lito.zip. I agree that you have to be strickt on commercial typefaces. But Corel has practically thrown their version in the pubic domain. Like they have done with all the fonts they have the copyright on. A quick google search shows that Linotype AND (Agfa)Monotype AND Adobe claim the copyright on the Lithos. So, maybe Postal should have the Lithograph Light. Right? And why not throw in the Regular and the Bold too? Have fun and be nice to the cats. Font Family: LithographLight Full Name: LithographLight Style: Regular Postscript Name: LithographLight Unique identifier FontMonger:Lithograph Light Version 1.0 Wed Jul 19 14:38:04 1995 Copyright (c) 1992 Corel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Date : 06 December 1995 Time : 06:00:00 Size : 60 KB (61,484 Byte) Windows metric data IBM font class: No Classification Licence: The font is not licensed. The font can be embedded and permanently installed on another computer. Panose classification Family Type : Decorative

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