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    5 matches comment Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knows of a free (preferably open-source) font very similar to Garamond? I am specifically looking for a font with proper Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic versions. All possible suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks so much! Etienne
    1 matches comment Hello, Do yoo know where I can get the following fonts free. I can't really afford to buy them as I've seen their prices. Besides that, I will be only using them for a short while for my project. -Garamond (Just Garamond) -Garamond-Bold -Aquaduct Plain -Treefrog THanks.
    3 matches comment Hey- Here's Apple Garamond. http://www.dafont.com/en/search.php?nq=1&q=apple+garamond It was never released commercially by Bitstream, if you're at all interested. Messily, -Tørnquist
    2 matches comment the S and C are - most probably - the Charme. The Slogan and the Corrida come close. pazio and asa shout Garamond of course and there are enough matches even for the z. But I have found none for the p, not in my whole Garamond collection nor out there. Which is - to say the least - frustrating! Am I having an off day?
    2 matches comment [quote:be0b9c7fa2="fontDJ"] I mean the font name .Since it is a common font , its name should be simple and easy to remember [/quote:be0b9c7fa2] I'm afraid that, if you are 'complaining' about the complicated name of this "font", you'll have to learn something about typography and the history of typography to understand that your remark is slightly misplaced. The type Garamond stems from the early times of printing. A few hundred years back. The Garamond has been the example for many other type designs. Through time more and more faces of the Garamond have developed. Bold faces, oblique faces, extended faces, condensed faces and the combinations of those. Every face, therefore, has its own name/description to distinguish it from the other Garamond faces. These faces are what you call a font. We call it a typeface: the Type and the Face. To us a font is a typeface in a particular size. 8 points, 12 point, 18 points, 36 points and so on. What you are asking for is us to call a grizzly bear simply a bear. Because that is easier. But where does that leave the brown bear, the ice bear, the ... bear and so on? So when you ask for a 'font' ID you get a 'typeface' With the full identification. OK? End of lecture.
    1 matches comment and the Garamond Italic. Comes free with Windows. :)
    1 matches comment One of the Garamond family with swash characters Look here http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/garamond-no-5/ :) ute
    1 matches comment Looks like a Garamond Italic with swashes. Difficult to say exactly with a sample like yours. Why not concentrate on the text? Try this: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/berthold/garamond-be/swash-italic/
    1 matches comment Not sure if this is correct but I believe the individual fonts translate to: fonts needed 184 184 HelveticaNeue-MediumExt HelveticaNeue MediumExt HelveticaNeue MediumExt HLMV_ 184 HelveticaNeue-HeavyExt HelveticaNeue HeavyExt HelveticaNeue MediumExt, Bold HLHV_ 184 HelveticaNeue-MediumExtObl HelveticaNeue MediumExtObl HelveticaNeue MediumExt, Italic HLMVO 184 HelveticaNeue-HeavyExtObl HelveticaNeue HeavyExtObl HelveticaNeue MediumExt, Bold Italic HLHVO 184 HelveticaNeue-LightExt HelveticaNeue LightExt HelveticaNeue LightExt HLLV_ 184 HelveticaNeue-LightExtObl HelveticaNeue LightExtObl HelveticaNeue LightExt, Italic HLLVO 114 114 Novarese-Book Novarese Book Novarese Book NOW__ 114 Novarese-Bold Novarese Bold Novarese Book, Bold NOB__ 114 Novarese-BookItalic Novarese BookItalic Novarese Book, Italic NOWI_ 114 Novarese-BoldItalic Novarese BoldItalic Novarese Book, Bold Italic NOBI_ 114 Novarese-Medium Novarese Medium Novarese Medium NOM__ 114 Novarese-MediumItalic Novarese MediumItalic Novarese Medium, Italic NOMI_ 114 Novarese-Ultra Novarese Ultra Novarese Ultra NOU__ 139 139 Garamond-LightCondensed Garamond LightCondensed Garamond LightCondensed GALC_ 139 Garamond-LightCondensedItalic Garamond LightCondensedItalic Garamond LightCondensed, Italic GALCI 139 Garamond-BookCondensed Garamond BookCondensed Garamond BookCondensed GAWC_ 139 Garamond-BoldCondensed Garamond BoldCondensed Garamond BookCondensed, Bold GABC_ 139 Garamond-BookCondensedItalic Garamond BookCondensedItalic Garamond BookCondensed, Italic GAWCI 139 Garamond-BoldCondensedItalic Garamond BoldCondensedItalic Garamond BookCondensed, Bold Italic GABCI 139 Garamond-UltraCondensed Garamond UltraCondensed Garamond UltraCondensed GAUC_ 139 Garamond-UltraCondensedItalic Garamond UltraCondensedItalic Garamond UltraCondensed, Italic GAUCI 348 348 LinoLetter-RomanOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF LLROS 348 LinoLetter-BoldOsF LinoLetter BoldOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF, Bold LLBOF 348 LinoLetter-ItalicOsF LinoLetter ItalicOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF, Italic LLIOF 348 LinoLetter-BoldItalicOsF LinoLetter BoldItalicOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF, Bold Italic LLBIO 348 LinoLetter-MediumOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF LLMOF 348 LinoLetter-BlackOsF LinoLetter BlackOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF, Bold LLZOF 348 LinoLetter-MediumItalicOsF LinoLetter MediumItalicOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF, Italic LLMIO 348 LinoLetter-BlackItalicOsF LinoLetter BlackItalicOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF, Bold Italic LLZIO 348 LinoLetter-RomanSC LinoLetter RomanSC LinoLetter RomanSC LLRSC 348 LinoLetter-BoldSC LinoLetter BoldSC LinoLetter RomanSC, Bold LLBSC 348 LinoLetter-MediumSC LinoLetter MediumSC LinoLetter MediumSC LLMSC 348 LinoLetter-BlackSC LinoLetter BlackSC LinoLetter MediumSC, Bold LLZSC 278 278 Times-PhoneticIPA Times PhoneticIPA Times PhoneticIPA TIPI_ 278 Times-PhoneticAlternate Times PhoneticAlternate Times PhoneticAlternate TIPA_ Thanks D

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    Garamond No 2
    Garamond RR Bold
    Garamond RR Light
    Garamond 96 DT Bold
    Garamond 96 DT Italic
    Garamond 96 DT Roman
    Garamond BE Bold
    Garamond BE Cond
    Garamond BE Italic
    Garamond BE Medium
    Garamond BE Regular
    Garamond BQ Bold
    Garamond BQ Italic
    Garamond BQ Medium
    Garamond BQ Regular
    Garamond DT Bold
    Garamond DT Italic
    Garamond DT Roman
    Garamond No 2 Italic
    Garamond No 2 Medium
    Garamond No 4 Light
    Garamond No 4 Medium
    Garamond SB-Ita
    Garamond SB-Med
    Garamond SB-Rom
    Garamond SB-Rom SC
    Garamond Three Bold
    Garamond Three Italic
    Garamond Three Medium
    Garamond TS-Bold
    Garamond TS-Heavy
    Garamond TS-Light
    Garamond TS-Medium
    Garamond TS-Regular
    Garamond TS-XLight
    Garamond No 5 EF Bold
    Garamond No 5 EF Light
    Garamond Premr Pro
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd It
    Garamond Premr Pro-It
    Garamond RR Bold Italic
    Garamond RR Light Italic
    American Garamond
    Classical Garamond
    Elegant Garamond
    Italian Garamond
    Original Garamond
    Original Garamond BT
    Garamond 96 DT Bold Italic
    Garamond 96 DT Semi Bold
    Garamond BE Bold Italic
    Garamond BE Cond Medium
    Garamond BE Medium Italic
    Garamond BQ Bold Italic
    Garamond BQ Cond Med
    Garamond BQ Cond Reg
    Garamond BQ Med Italic
    Garamond DT Bold Italic
    Garamond FB Display Bold
    Garamond FB Display Italic
    Garamond FB Display Light
    Garamond FB Display Regular
    Garamond FB Display Semibold
    Garamond FB Text Bold
    Garamond FB Text Italic
    Garamond FB Text Light
    Garamond FB Text Regular
    Garamond FB Text Semibold
    Garamond No 4 Light Italic
    Garamond Nr1 SB-Ita
    Garamond Nr1 SB-Medium
    Garamond Nr1 SB-Roman
    Garamond Nr1 SB-Roman SC
    Garamond Nr2 SB-Bold
    Garamond Nr2 SB-Book
    Garamond Nr2 SB-Con
    Garamond Nr2 SB-Ita
    Garamond Nr2 SB-Medium
    Garamond Nr2 SH-Bold
    Garamond Nr2 SH-Book
    Garamond Nr2 SH-Con
    Garamond Nr2 SH-Ita
    Garamond Nr2 SH-Medium
    Garamond SB-Med Ita
    Garamond Stencil D Medium
    Garamond Three Bold Italic
    Garamond TS-Demi Bold
    DTC Garamond M00
    DTC Garamond M01
    DTC Garamond M02
    DTC Garamond M03
    DTC Garamond M04
    DTC Garamond M05
    DTC Garamond M06
    DTC Garamond M07
    DTC Garamond M08
    DTC Garamond M09
    DTC Garamond M10
    DTC Garamond M11

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