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    1 matches comment There are loads of these around. Many have 'antique' or 'antiqua' as a part of the font name. For example: the Caslon Antique.
    1 matches comment Antique Olive Nord
    1 matches comment Antique Olive.
    1 matches comment As CarlsonCraft's name, SAR, already suggests: Sackers Antique Roman.
    1 matches comment You are very welcome. And seeing this much better sample, I think it is Solid Antique Roman. The lowercase y (for example) is a bit different to the URW version. Have a nice evening.
    1 matches comment The upper one looks like Antique Olive Nord to me.
    1 matches comment The font on the back side could be one of many. I would gable on the 'College'. For the name the 'College Condensed' or 'College Semi-condensed', difficult to see on that shirt, for the number the 'College-Outline' The thing on the front is just a sponsor's logo.
    1 matches comment Looking for the name of "AQUA" & "ANTIQUE"

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    Gable Antique Cond SG Regular
    Antique Moderne
    Antique Regent
    Antique Moderne Italic
    Antique Regent Italic
    Antique Tuscan8 Bold
    Antique Ancienne
    Antique Dubplate
    Antique Extended
    Antique Olive SC
    Antique Tuscan No 9
    Antique Wells
    Antique X Condensed
    Attic Antique
    Austin Antique
    Bellwether Antique NF
    Caslon Antique
    Caslon Antique VL
    Figgins Antique
    Flat Antique
    Gill New Antique
    Kenosha Antique NF
    Mage Antique
    Matt Antique
    Matt Antique
    Mercearia Antique
    Antique Bold Condensed
    Antique Condensed Regular
    Antique Six Extra Bold
    Antique Two Condensed Bold
    Antique Wells Expanded
    Bernhard EF Antique
    Caslon Antique EF
    Attic Antique Regular
    Antique 7
    Alons Antique-Regular
    Antique Ancienne Italic
    Antique Central Black
    Antique Central Bold
    Antique Central Extended
    Antique Central Heavy
    Antique Central Italic
    Antique Central Medium
    Antique Central Regular
    Antique Embellishments JNL
    Antique Olive Black
    Antique Olive Bold
    Antique Olive Bold
    Antique Olive Compact
    Antique Olive DC D Medium
    Antique Olive DC D Regular
    Antique Olive Italic
    Antique Olive Light
    Antique Olive Light
    Antique Olive Medium
    Antique Olive Regular
    Antique Olive Roman
    Antique Olive SC Medium
    Antique Ornaments JNL
    Antique X Condensed Italic
    Antique X Condensed Outline
    Antique X Condensed Shadow
    Antique X Condensed Thin
    Antique X Condensed Wide
    Astoria Antique SG Light
    Attic Antique Italic
    Caslon Antique-Italic
    Gill New Antique Bold
    Gill New Antique Italic
    Gill New Antique Medium
    Gill New Antique Semibold
    Hattan Antique Normal
    Mage Antique Bold
    Matt Antique Bold
    Matt Antique Bold
    Matt Antique Italic
    Matt Antique Italic
    Mercearia Antique Stencil
    Skeleton Antique Light
    Stefania Antique Alternate
    Stefania Antique Bold
    Stefania Antique Regular
    Youngblood Antique Brush
    Youngblood Antique Grunge
    Youngblood Antique Regular
    Attic Antique Italic
    Antique XX Extra-condensed Regular
    Sackers™ Solid Antique Roman Solid Antique Roman
    Sackers™ Solid Antique Roman Open Antique Roman
    TXT Antique Italic
    Antique Border Ornaments
    Antique Borders & Corners 1
    Antique Borders & Corners 2
    Antique Macabre Ornaments
    Antique Tuscan Condensed
    Archive Antique Extended
    Frisco Antique Display SG
    LHF Grants Antique
    Antique Central Black Condensed
    Antique Central Black Extended

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