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    1 matches comment Before I, we, do anything Doc tee, we are here for fun to help others. We are not competing. Your and others luck depends on who is on-line and finds the time to try to solve the ID requested. By the way, your ID request pict is heavily slanted.
    1 matches comment thats what I was getting at, what emotion Icons (or smiles, or gremalins, Icons or what ever you like to call them) can you use on this site?? there does not seem to be any where that seems to tee me/us :( :mad: and the ones that I am using are probably on there too ;) :cool:
    1 matches comment This is off an old tee shirt. Not sure if it was a font or manipulated. Anyone know something close I can use?
    1 matches comment Thanks guys!! You two are a BIG help...well you are the only two that have ever helped me!! I appreciate it! Those might work...trying to incorporate our business into a screened tee...we do embroidery also and one of our sales members wanted to see an embroidered looking font with our new suede ink...so I am trying! :) Thanks again!!
    1 matches comment Thanks Koeiekat! This is a scan from the sample tee that he left us...I found that Stahl's Varsity the 'M' isn't correct and it isn't lining up as nice as it should. Where can I find this Matthew Welch's College font?
    1 matches comment It may have started out as Seagull with a custom eye and tee and the rest. (A commercial font) Take a look - I think you'll see the similarities I saw... http://www.myfonts.com/search?search%5Btext%5D=seagull
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14101 well shucks ummmm that's mighty kind of you... though... totally unnecessary,i wasn't on another nutshell-nutcase tirade :P i do have much to learn but i would say that amongst new font-designers (makers would be a more fitting term for most) like my fellow dafont-top100-alumni for example, to my own surprise i think i am actually one of a few that are even the slightest bit interested in typography and it's digital crafting. Phew! that was a run-on! And of course this excludes typographic geniuses such as Manfred Klein, or Dieter Steffmann to name a few such greats whom also frequent the same list. This observation about my would be peers isn't a bad thing either, just something i have noticed. my point... has nothing to do with that either. basically.. i didn't mean to deter future words of wisdom and what not. alex, ivan, koeiekat and schwalbenkoenig, all of you are quite knowledgeable,(m dash here) quiet, quite knowledgeable in the areas of type/typefaces/typography. i hope you don't mind me here on your forum. matter o fact, this might be the only "forum" i frequent and post in. tee hee. sooooooooooooo..........thanks... sorry for the long post and it's many tangents, it was put on hold several times by my sweet daughter :P Cheerio!

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    Tomoyuki "Tee-Wat" Watanabe external .

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