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    1 matches comment view details for free font #12571 - Here are 7 fonts I've created. Their names are in Silarg, an artificial language I've invented... "Argor" is the author name I've chosen. - "Argor Biw Scaqh" means : "The Pretty Writing of Argor". - "Argor Brujsh Scaqh" means : "The Scribbled Writing of Argor". - "Argor Cwar Scaqh" means : "The Square Writing of Argor". - "Argor Flahm Scaqh" means : "The Blazing Writing of Argor". - "Argor Got Scaqh" means : "The Gothic Writing of Argor". - "Argor Man Scaqh" means : "The Writing of Argor's Hand". - "Argor Priht Scaqh" means : "The Primitive Writing of Argor". I've handwritten each type, scanned them, put them in the fontsoft I have and arranged all of these fonts... The main style is blackletter. Bye! Argor - JP Mallaroni
    3 matches comment Any help finding this font very much appreciated.
    3 matches comment Please ID this font or something similar- thanks! B
    1 matches comment well, it is very important to figure out what you are doing... are you writing a program that will create custom font previews? or are you writing a windows application and you are trying to simply draw a string text on a custom control or something?
    1 matches comment Varsity... The one here is funky looking, so here's a better one.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #7416 this font is funky!
    1 matches comment ! view details for free font #12071 Rocks, funky!
    2 matches comment I need some help of you can you tell me which fonts are they? Font 1 : http://www.redkaos.de/0708/zbaut05.jpg (The right writing) Font 2 http://www.wellcoolstuff.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/sneakbros02.jpg (The purple writing) Font 3 :http://www.freakbrothers.org/assets/images/Schriftzug_-_Freakbrothers_gross.gif I hope you can help me I serch for it for a long time without succsess Thanks
    1 matches comment Hey guys! I was just wondering if any of you are interested in writing little features about fonts, typegraphy, design. tutorials, how-tos? I am thinking of starting a section like that if i will get enough volunteers... I wont be able to pay you but i will try to expose your name as much as possible, maybe you could even use that for your work done in your resumes ;) well, let's see if anyone is interested...
    1 matches comment can someone PLEASE give me a detailed description on what i have to do to download these funky fonts cos i have tried loads of things and none of them seem to work. thanx.:(

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    Brush Writing OC
    Celestial Writing
    Hand Writing OC
    Magi Writing
    Malachim Writing
    Masonic Writing
    Writing Machine
    Writing Machine Bold
    Writing Machine Fractions
    Writing Machine Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys One
    Writing Machine-Badkeys Two
    LDJ Elf Writing
    Brush Writing OC
    Funky 01 Bold
    Funky 04 Bold
    Funky 05 Bold
    Funky 07 Bold
    Funky 09 Bold
    Funky 12 Bold
    Funky 16 Bold
    Funky 18 Bold
    Funky 21 Bold
    Funky 23 Bold
    Funky 25 Bold
    Funky 27 Bold
    Funky 31 Bold
    Funky 32 Bold
    Funky 33 Bold
    Funky 34 Bold
    Funky 36 Bold
    Funky 37 Bold
    Funky 39 Bold
    Funky 43 Bold
    Funky 44 Bold
    Funky 45 Bold
    Funky 46 Bold
    Writing Machine Bold Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys One Oblique
    Writing Machine-Badkeys Two Oblique
    LD Funky Chunky
    LD Funky Scribble
    Funky Chunk NF
    Funky Mother
    Funky Rundkopf NF
    Funky Shed
    Funky Tut NF
    Mo Funky Fresh LET
    Enochian Writing
    Sanskrit Writing
    DS Magi Writing Regular
    Funky Fat Jiggly PW
    DTC Funky M01
    DTC Funky M02
    DTC Funky M03
    DTC Funky M04
    DTC Funky M05
    DTC Funky M06
    DTC Funky M07
    DTC Funky M08
    DTC Funky M09
    DTC Funky M10
    DTC Funky M11
    DTC Funky M12
    DTC Funky M13
    DTC Funky M14
    DTC Funky M15
    DTC Funky M16
    DTC Funky M17
    DTC Funky M18
    DTC Funky M19
    DTC Funky M20
    DTC Funky M21
    DTC Funky M22
    DTC Funky M23
    DTC Funky M24
    DTC Funky M25
    DTC Funky M26
    DTC Funky M27
    DTC Funky M28
    DTC Funky M29
    DTC Funky M30
    DTC Funky M31
    DTC Funky M32
    DTC Funky M33
    DTC Funky M34
    DTC Funky M35
    DTC Funky M36
    DTC Funky M37
    DTC Funky M38
    DTC Funky M39
    DTC Funky M40
    DTC Funky M41
    DTC Funky M42
    DTC Funky M43
    DTC Funky M44
    DTC Funky M45
    DTC Funky M46
    DTC Funky M47
    DTC Funky M48

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