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    1 matches comment And isn't "Crying" one of the finest songs she ever wrote? And "Big Time Sensuality"? And "Joga"? And, well...pretty much every other song she's written over the last ten years?
    1 matches comment Thank you very much Alex, actually this song is really great as well, but unfortunately, it's this one. Actually, I put this "LIVING THINGS" because this font reminds me of this one, but the resolution is bad. this is actually the font is search for http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/38690
    1 matches comment Hi Koiekat, Sorry I can't make the album cover any bigger. That's all I have. I am after the font of the album title, not the sticker on the cover featuring the song "I Think I Love You". Coincidentally, the font was used again on the second studio album, "Up To Date". :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11916 Artist's Comments: KMFDM's song "Hau Ruck" led to the birth of this font. It's called Hau Ruck but has nothing to do with KMFDM... sooo it shouldn't get deleted or anything. I mean, i sat there in class and the first words that i wrote in this way were "Hau Ruck, Ruck Zuck"
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    Fung Foo-Fufanu
    Fung Foo-Italic
    Fung Foo-Regular
    Fung Foo Fufanu Italic
    Fung Foo Fufanu
    Fung Foo Italic
    Fung Foo Regular
    Fung Foo Volume
    Fung Foo Fufanu Italic
    FZBao Song-Z 04 GB 2312
    FZBao Song-Z 04 GB/T 12345
    FZBao Song-Z 04 GBK
    FZFang Song-Z 02 GB 2312
    FZFang Song-Z 02 GB/T 12345
    FZShu Song-Z 01 GB 2312
    FZShu Song-Z 01 GB/T 12345
    FZCu Song-B 09 GB 2312
    FZCu Song-B 09 GB/T 12345
    HYBao Song J
    HYChang Song J
    HYChao Cu Song J
    HYCu Song J
    HYDa Song J
    HYFang Song J
    HYShu Song Er J
    HYShu Song Yi J
    HYZHong Song J
    Swan Song
    FZXiao Biao Song-B 05 GB 2312
    FZXiao Biao Song-B 05 GB/T 12345
    FZDa Biao Song-B 06 GB 2312
    FZDa Biao Song-B 06 GB/T 12345
    FZFang Song-Z02 Big5
    FZFang Song-Z02 GBK
    FZNew Bao Song-Z 12 GB 2312
    FZNew Shu Song-Z 10 GB/T 12345
    FZShu Song-Z01 GBK
    HYCu Fang Song J
    HYZi Dian Song J
    FZXiao Biao Song-B05 Big5
    FZXiao Biao Song-B05 GBK
    C Song 3 HK Medium
    FZNew Shu Song-Z10 Big5
    DF Ya Song Simplified Chinese GB-W 9
    DF Song Complete Family Pack
    Nightjar Song
    C Fang Song HK Light
    C Song 3 PRC Medium
    DF Std Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Fang Song Complete Family Pack
    C Fang Song PRC Light
    DF Li Song Complete Family Pack
    Song ASC Simplified Chinese Complete Family Pack
    DFP Song Complete Family Pack
    DF Song Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 3
    DF Song Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 5
    DF Song Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 7
    DF Song Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 9
    DF Fang Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 2
    DF Fang Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 4
    DF Fang Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 6
    HY Da Song Simplified Chinese BJ
    DF Ya Song Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 9
    DF Song Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 12
    DF Li Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Li Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF Li Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 7
    HY Da Song Traditional Chinese B5
    DF Ya Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 9
    HY Zi Dian Song Traditional Chinese B5
    DF Biao Song Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    HY Bao Song Simplified Chinese BJ
    HY Chang Song Simplified Chinese BJ
    HY Fang Song Simplified Chinese BJ
    HY Shu Song Er Simplified Chinese BJ
    HY Shu Song Yi Simplified Chinese BJ
    HY Zi Dian Song Simplified Chinese BJ
    HY Bao Song Simplified Chinese B5
    HY Cu Song Simplified Chinese J
    HY Cu Song Traditional Chinese F
    HY Da Song Simplified Chinese J
    HY Da Song Traditional Chinese F
    HY Chang Song Traditional Chinese B5
    HY Fang Song Traditional Chinese B5
    HY Shu Song Er Traditional Chinese B5
    HY Shu Song Yi Traditional Chinese B5
    DFP Song Simplified Chinese W 12
    DFP Song Simplified Chinese W 3
    DFP Song Simplified Chinese W 5
    DFP Song Simplified Chinese W 7
    DFP Song Simplified Chinese W 9
    DFP Ya Song Simplified Chinese W 9
    HY Bao Song Simplified Chinese F
    HY Chang Song Simplified Chinese J
    HY Chang Song Traditional Chinese F
    HY Chao Cu Song Simplified Chinese J
    HY Chao Cu Song Traditional Chinese F
    HY Cuang Song Simplified Chinese J
    HY Fang Song Simplified Chinese J
    HY Fang Song Traditional Chinese F

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