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    22 matches comment I posted a previous thread with no pictures, this one has pics. I would like the font to be like Suicide Silence or The Black Dahlia Murder thanks.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15649 I always loved two Dog Tag's that created the double O in the logo with a metal effect so I decided to pay homage to PLATOON, one of the first proper war movies. Full Metal Jacket is a close second ;) This font is classed as Donationware all proceeds will go directly to WAR CHILD, registered charity No.1071659, if you download this font please give whatever you can we suggest £1 directly @ http://www.warchild.org.uk/donate
    7 matches comment uploaded image It can be found on many band's logo's, there are quite a few variations but they all seem to be focused around the same font. It is used on logo's of bands such as Ingested (http://www.myspace.com/ingesteduk), Aborted (http://www.myspace.com/abortedmetal) and Diskreet (http://www.myspace.com/diskreet). If anyone identifies it, please post link to download. Cheers.
    5 matches comment When URW packaged it years ago - they gave it a name of Aritus - and they made AritusD-Bold and AritusD-ExtraBold as well as the AritusD-Regular. The only font I know named Brochure was a font that was a ripoff of Book Jacket - another nice face...
    2 matches comment Hey, I'm looking for a thick death metal font (something that would be used on a death metal band's album cover). It needs to be thick so I can make a blood patteren out of it. I want something like Zombie Holocaust, but I don't want zombie holocaust. Thanks!
    4 matches comment ? view details for free font #13514 gimana cara buat nya gan??
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11616 thaxx a lot for this fonts mam i was looking for it a long time a go. i hop you upload more black metal fonts thank you.. and Keep on the Good Work. \m/.....\m/
    3 matches comment ? view details for free font #13910 PASANG
    2 matches comment If someone could , i need a death metal/deathcore font for this : Unearth Carnage
    2 matches comment Full Moon BT in the Black Cherry weight probably.

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    Book Jacket
    Book Jacket SC
    Book Jacket Alts
    Book Jacket Pro
    Book Jacket Swash
    Record Jacket JNL
    BAQ Metal Regular
    Metal Lord
    Lower Metal Shadow
    OL Heavy Metal Grecian
    1984 Full Full
    Half Full NF
    Metal Lord Regular
    Stencil Full-Braille
    Stencil Full-Danse
    Stencil Full-Negative
    Stencil Full-Normal
    Stencil Full-Sans
    Lower Metal Shadow
    LHF Full Bock
    Stencil Full-Braille Negative
    Stencil Full-Negative Dance
    Aerotype Hot Metal Originals
    Book Jacket SC
    LHF Fancy Full Round
    LOOKAlike EF Full
    Book Jacket Regular
    Book Jacket Swash
    Book Jacket Volume
    PF Stamps Pro Metal
    LHF Fancy Full Round Bold
    LHF Fancy Full Spurs Bold
    LHF Fancy Full Spurs Regular
    Ballard Full
    Musa Full MF
    dearJoe 4 Full Pro
    Ferro Stencil AI-Metal Cut
    Asimov Full
    Chumbo Full
    Containment Full
    Thrusters Full
    Ferro Stencil EF Metal Cut
    Society Full Case
    Ferro Stencil AI-Metal Cut Neg
    EF Ferro Stencil Metal Cut
    Ballard Italic Full
    EF Ferro Stencil Metal Cut Negative
    Ferro Stencil EF Metal Cut Negative
    Agam Full MF-Medium
    Arista 2.0 Alternate Full
    Dunya Full MF-Normal
    Kahos Full MF Italic
    Kahos Full MF Normal
    Society Full Case
    Trafo-Full Expert
    Hybrid Full Volume
    Hybrid Full CE Volume
    Bdeal Full
    Musa Full
    Dunya Full
    Containment Full
    Sailors Tattoo-full
    Agam Full
    EF LOOKAlike Full
    OL Subway Tiles-Full Tile
    Ashtray Full
    Hybrid Full Cyrillic Volume
    Helvetica® Full Family Selection Value Pack
    Raleigh Full CE Volume
    LHF Convecta Full
    P22 Salon Full
    Project Fairfax Full
    Hybrid Full Turkish Volume
    Full Moon BT Black Cherry
    Full Moon BT Falling Leaves
    Raleigh Full Turkish Volume
    Full Moon BT Rustling Branches
    Raleigh Full Multilingual Volume
    Gugi Full Regular
    Kahos Full Italic
    Kahos Full Normal
    Kis Full Cyrillic Volume
    Parangon Full Cyrillic Volume
    PT Sans Full Multilingual Volume
    Tattoo Girl Full Fill
    Tattoo Girl Full Shadow
    Raleigh Full Cyrillic Volume
    Lazurski Full Cyrillic Volume
    Beaufort Full Family Volume
    Mellnik Full Volume
    FreeSet Full Turkish Volume
    P22 Salon Full
    Full Moon BT Complete Family Pack
    Project Fairfax Sans Full
    Project Fairfax Slab Full
    Project Fairfax Full
    Futura Futuris Full Cyrillic Volume
    Sailors Tattoo Pro Full

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