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    6 matches comment HI. Maybe one of you guys knws theanswer to this: I use Frutiger 55 Roman to design PowerPiont Presentations for a client in Germany. I use the true type Frutiger 55 RomanFont they send me. Everything matches up between my pc and theirs, till I make the font bold. It displays much more bold on their pc than on mine, the line of text becomes longer and dosen't fit into the design anymore. Any Ideas? Please Help! Thanx! dRe
    10 matches comment can anyone suggest a freeware or shareware truetype font similar to frutiger condensed?
    8 matches comment Can anyone tell me where i might get a free version of Frutiger Font or one that is very similar to it? This is what it looks like http://www.adobe.com/type/browser/P/P_073.html loveth, tammi
    7 matches comment I would like some suggestions on what serifed font faces work well with Frutiger (Reg). And in general is there a certain rule to go by when pairing serifs with sans serif fontsb besides visually pleasing?? Because i never really know what is acceptable.
    11 matches comment I really like this font, it's got all of the nice features of Myriad, but a little softer (notice the slopes). And it's a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black. I tried Identifont, but it came up with ITC Legacy, which is definitely not it :-). Thank you in advance!
    9 matches comment Can someone help with Impact URW D Bold font? I am wonder if someone can upload it (.TTT for windows)
    9 matches comment uploaded image This was done 200 dpi at 320 pt, anti alias smooth.Then some gaussian blur, adjust the levels to b/w and then resize to 404 pixels wide at 200 dpi.
    1 matches comment Ohnstad is the Weiss Bold, Twitchell is the Frutiger 65 Bold and attorneys is the Frutiger 55 Roman. Happy?
    1 matches comment hello i need the fon frutiger 47 light condensed and frutiger bold condensed. is there is someone, who can help me?

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