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    10 matches comment can anyone suggest a freeware or shareware truetype font similar to frutiger condensed?
    8 matches comment Can anyone tell me where i might get a free version of Frutiger Font or one that is very similar to it? This is what it looks like http://www.adobe.com/type/browser/P/P_073.html loveth, tammi
    7 matches comment I would like some suggestions on what serifed font faces work well with Frutiger (Reg). And in general is there a certain rule to go by when pairing serifs with sans serif fontsb besides visually pleasing?? Because i never really know what is acceptable.
    6 matches comment HI. Maybe one of you guys knws theanswer to this: I use Frutiger 55 Roman to design PowerPiont Presentations for a client in Germany. I use the true type Frutiger 55 RomanFont they send me. Everything matches up between my pc and theirs, till I make the font bold. It displays much more bold on their pc than on mine, the line of text becomes longer and dosen't fit into the design anymore. Any Ideas? Please Help! Thanx! dRe
    4 matches comment A book about Adrian Frutiger and his works has been printed by the Swiss Foundation Type and Typography in Bern, CH. The book – as the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24Ore said – is out in three languages: English, French and German. A link: http://www.springer.com/birkhauser/architecture+&+design/book/978-3-7643-8581-1
    3 matches comment For school I need to do a research on the font Frutiger, I need to know what kind of feeling/style the font has so that I can design posters and other nice stuff about the font. So can anyone help me? (What is the feeling/style that the font gives you? Is it modern or old? What kind of person/job would fit it?) [img]http://tipografos.net/tipos/frutiger.gif[/img] thanx
    5 matches comment "Suite B Lounge" I am trying to ID this font, but I all keep running into is Bickham Script Pro... it looks like the "B" may be from another font but I am not totally certain. Please help! :) Thanks in advance!
    5 matches comment i need the frutiger pkg so bad:(
    3 matches comment I need Frutiger for PC and have the MAC version for trade. Can someone please help me out. I need it for a customer and have delayed this for two days just trying to get the right font. Thanks in advance.

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    Frutiger UltraBlack
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    Frutiger Cond Regular
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    Frutiger Cond Extra Black
    Frutiger Volume
    Frutiger Symbols Volume
    Frutiger® Serif Basic 1 Value Pack
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    Frutiger Arabic Complete Family Value Pack
    Frutiger Next Paneuropean Basic 1 Volume
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    Frutiger Next Paneuropean Condensed 2 Volume
    Frutiger Arabic Condensed Volume
    Frutiger Family
    Frutiger Stones™ Negativ
    Frutiger Stones™ Positiv
    Frutiger Stones™ Regular
    Frutiger® Symbols Negativ
    Frutiger® Symbols Positiv
    Frutiger® Symbols Regular
    Frutiger® Arabic 45 Light
    Frutiger® Arabic 55 Roman
    Frutiger® Arabic 57 Condensed
    Frutiger® Arabic 65 Bold
    Frutiger® Arabic 75 Black
    Frutiger® 58 Condensed Italic
    Frutiger® Next Basic 3 Value Pack
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    Frutiger® Arabic 47 Condensed Light
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    Frutiger® 68 Bold Condensed Italic
    Frutiger® 78 Black Condensed Italic
    Frutiger Stones Complete Family Pack
    Neue Frutiger® + Serif 1 Value Pack
    Neue Frutiger® + Serif 2 Value Pack
    Iridium® Bold
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    Iridium® Roman
    Frutiger® 88 Extra Black Condensed Italic
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    Avenir® 55 Oblique
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    Avenir® 85 Heavy
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    Neue Frutiger® Condensed Book
    Phoebus™ Regular
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    Frutiger Capitalis Complete Family Pack
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    Avenir® 35 Light Oblique
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    Neue Frutiger® Condensed Thin Italic
    Neue Frutiger® Condensed Ultra Light
    Neue Frutiger® Cyrillic Black
    Neue Frutiger® Cyrillic Bold

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