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    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me the name of this font? The closest I've been able to find is Pleasant Hand, but PH doesn't have the loops on the stems. Thanks is advance.
    1 matches comment Hi, Just wondering if there are any free fonts here that incorporate fruit into the letters, like a fontbat. Haven't found any yet (except one with apples - am looking for one with different fruits) but just asking to see if you know of any. Thanks
    1 matches comment Hi there, Was wondering if you could help with a couple of suggestions. Looking for a strong, slick, but friendly and warm font for a tech company ( which is going to be named after a piece of fruit) Thanks
    1 matches comment Please, can anyone help? I'm looking for a font which has a handwritten style a, rather than typewriter style, has a J without a line across the top and a k which loops on the kicking bit... It needs to be fairly handwriting style, suitable for a child to copy, and needs to be sans serif. I'd be really grateful if anyone knows of fonts which match the description, as I have searched everywhere. Many thanks
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11464 Can someone please identify this font for me? It's similar to Ruth Script; however, there seems to be more loops in some of the letters (g, o, r). Also, this appears to be a font that can also be filed with color and outlined. Is this a variation of Ruth Script, and if so, where can I find it for downloading? Thank you.
    1 matches comment I am looking for a font that looks like fruits and vegetables actually using product if possible -- or a category of Healthy Thank You

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