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    1 matches comment Advertiser asked me to lay out their ad without giving me their logo. Can you please identify this for me??
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12750 Not just Luc, Bob, many, MANY, know more than I do. But then, may I quote Shaw, I do not need to be able to lay eggs to know whether one is rotten, do I?
    1 matches comment Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was one of those cases where one looks at the font and says "I know what that is", but can't quite remember. Now if I could only figure out how to lay my fingers on the Black Cherry Moon font on that old cracked CorelDraw 9 CD, life would be very grand. Indeed, they are both just fonts, but rather nifty nevertheless.
    1 matches comment [quote:3eac2ffc45="bunny wuffles"] so many film titlers of that era made their own signwritten titles rather than used a font set[/quote:3eac2ffc45] And they had to. Although not the hardest metal around :) lead is not that flexible! Ever thought of making up a lay-out like these in lead? You'll start drawing! Personally I find the Brody (Briquet originally) somewhat plumb in this case.
    1 matches comment Double that! Spent hours on this one and with the same result: no match. The L seems to be another type than the rest and did you notice that the two t's are different? And that when you lay one u over the other there is also a mismatch on the right leg? Although, that could be caused by the image quality. [img]http://koeiekat.com/images/toujours_t-t.png[/img] [img]http://koeiekat.com/images/toujours_u-u.png[/img]
    1 matches comment ! Hi I' not versed in font terminology, so I'm not sure what they are called. The scribed or compassed circles around the serifs that font designers to get the curves right. I'm looking for a font that has these circles. Any help greatly appreciated. It's for a surprise present for my girlfriend blackdog824@gmail.com or reply here. Alternatively, anyone care to create a design of the letters M S K with all the lines and circles that a graphic designer would use to lay out the proportions, etc? Fair compensation.
    1 matches comment That sounds like a simple question. Right? I think this is about the most difficult one I've seen on this forum. I'd like to help. But there is no easy way out like choose this font or choose that font. Typography is one of the few tools you have to influence how readers perceive a tekst at first instance. And once that perception is there it is difficult to change. So, assuming you want people to think positively about your school project you first need to think about what you want to achieve - with whom. So, before we proceed here are some questions. It is called the typographers brief: What is the subject? Is it mainly text or mainly pictures? What is the goal of the project - for whom? Who judges the project? What sort of people are these? Older? Young? Liberal? Conservative? ...? How do you want the project to be perceived by these people? Jolly? Serious? Scientific? ...? So, first we define the environment and what we want to achieve. When we know that - then it is fairly easy to find the typefaces (and the page lay-out) that will help to achieve the goal. OK? Come back and I'll help.
    1 matches comment Scratching the sofa, I've been staring at this for quite a while. I am fully with Tashini Jones. [quote]@Tashini Jones: ... I would suggest sticking to the plainer fonts as fancy is too much like hard work to read. ... Stay clear of any calligraphy styles as you may find your resume ends up in the trash.[/quote] First of all, and far more important than anything else, if you are to submit a three hundred [I thought I spell it out] pages résumé - that is a book - the typeface you use must be legible. Very legible. And with this amount of text that almost outrules any design-like type. In my opinion - with this amount of text - it also outrules sans-serifs. I am with the Swallow when he suggests types with a rather high x-height, giving you the possibility to use a [slightly] condensed face so you don't have to go under 11 points - without adding even more pages yet still maintaining legibility. "formal but with that touch of design"? There are many. I'll do one suggestion, the Salernomi J by Julius Thyssen. Freeware, yet well designed for a change. Follow the download link and get the TTF pack [and whatever else you like on that page]. I also think that more important than the type you choose, is the page lay-out. Choose your margins carefully, justify the text and try to avoid line lengths of more than 2/3 of the page width - as if you are inviting the reader to use the margin for notes. To quote Tashini Jones again; Good luck!!
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