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    1 matches comment But isn't it a copy of a Freestyle Script, instead of Brush Script? That's how i had it, myself, in Regular, design is based on Freestyle Script Bold without the "shiny spots" See here (Not talking about the Abstratc's version)
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11771 author's illustration
    1 matches comment ITC Edwardian Script http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/itc-edwardian-script/edwardian-scr-alt-itc/ Artificially bolded in Photoshop
    1 matches comment Hi Gary, any of these: Freestyle Script Freeze Freedom Script Freelance Script Script_2 Boldstylescript As usual, no guarantee that the list is complete.
    1 matches comment That would be the Edwardian Script (Alt) ITC (bold) with an outline glow. Edwardian Script Alt
    1 matches comment URBANFONTS.COM: Checking server [whois.opensrs.net] Results: Registrant: Urbanfonts P.O. Box 14332 Bakersfield, CA 93311 us Domain name: URBANFONTS.COM Administrative Contact: Inc., Freestyle Networks info@urbanfonts.com P.O. Box 14332 Bakersfield, CA 93311 us +1.4165647516 Technical Contact: Administrator, DNS dnsadmin@mediatemple.net 4640 Lankershim Blvd. 4th Floor - Suite (mt) N. Hollywood, CA 91602 US +1.8005784000 Fax: +1.8183012774 Registration Service Provider: (mt) Media Temple, dnsadmin@mediatemple.net 877-578-4000 818-301-2774 (fax) http://www.mediatemple.net/go/support/ To make contact, or to request technical support please first visit the (mt) AccountCenter: http://www.mediatemple.net/go/support/ Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC. Record last updated on 26-May-2006. Record expires on 14-Dec-2006. Record created on 14-Dec-2004. Domain servers in listed order: NS1.MEDIATEMPLE.NET NS2.MEDIATEMPLE.NET Domain status: ACTIVE Urbanfonts not only copied the Abstractfonts.com site concept but to make it look grown up it copied [part of] the forum too. Where I come from this is called theft of intelectual property. An economical delict with a maximum of 3 years in prison and fines up to € 250.000. Sue the guy! I've set a spider at the urbanfonts forum. Let's see what can be collected.
    1 matches comment Zapfino One. In case you are interested, here is the rest (minus 4): ADX = Adonis Old Style Light AJA = Aja AMZ = Amazone/Amaze ARD = Ariston Regular ATH = Amethyst Script AVA = Avalon BAL = Balmoral BAM = Bamboofont BAX = Baskerville BDP = BDW = Broadway BEL = Blackletter 686 BER = Bernhard Tango BFX = Bernhard Fashion BHC = Bernhard Modern SmallCaps BHM = Bernhard Modern BIC = Bickley Script BIN = Freehand 591 BKS = Baker Signet BLV = Boulevard BOD = Bodoni BOM = Boomerang BSM = Busorama BSQ = ATBasque BSX = Biant/Liberty BYM = Byron Swash Medium CAL = Aldus/Palatino CAS = Caslon Open Face CER = Century Schoolbook CHA = Zapf Chancery CHM = Charme CHQ = Christophs Quill CIV = Civilite CLG = Codex/Calligraphic 421 CNT = Coronet COU = Courier CPG = Copperplate Gothic CPP = Copperplate Condensed Light CPT = Carpenter CRS = Cancellaresca Script CSP = Flemish Script CUR = Lydian Cursive CZR = P22 Cezanne DAR = Dartangon DMN = Demian DOR = Dorchester Script DTC = Dutch 801 Italic DUR = Dutch 801 DVX = Bodoni Italic EGG = Engravers Gothic ENG = Engravure ENS = English Script FLR = Florens FMS = Ondine FND - Fineprint FNH = Fine Hand FRB = Americana FRS = Freestyle Script FUB = Futura Bold FUL = Futura Light FUM = Futura Med GLO = Giddyup GLS = Norris Script GMX = Greeting Monotone GOT = Goteborg GRM = Grimshaw Hand HAD = Hadfield HDW = Hollywood Deco HOB = Hobo HOU = Houston Pen HUB = Zapf Humanist 601 Bold BT HUR = Zapf Humanist 601 BT HWC = Hollywood Deco Capitals ISA = Isadora ISX = Typo Upright JHN = John Handy Script KBL = Kabel KFM = Kaufmann KOR = Korinna LCR = AT Classic Roman (Linotype) LEM = Lemonade LHI = Lucida Handwriting Italic LIO = Liorah LUP = Lucia MIS = Mistral MOP = Mahogany Script MRL = Liana/Lady Dawn MRN = Marnie MSB = MUR = Murray Hill NAD = Nadianne NBR = New Berolina NOV = Novella NUP = Nuptial Script OXF = Oxford PAC = Parisian Capitals PAR = Parisian PAX = Park Avenue PDE = Parade PEN = Peninsula Script/Floral Script PEP = Pepita PHT = Phyllis Italic PIX = Piranesi Italic PKY = Perky PLC = Poor Richard PON = ExPonto PRA = Petra Script PRL = Poor Richard PRT = Party LET PRV = Providence Sans PSL = Paisley Two RKS = Helinda Rook SAR = Sackers Antique Roman SBK - Swiss 721 Black BT SER = Vivaldi SHA = Shelley Andante SIT = Citadel Script SKH = SKJ = Skjald SKL = SLP = Sloop Script One SLT = Sloop Script Two SPL = Spring Light SPT = Space Toaster SQU = Squire SRH = Snell Roundhand SST = Sloop Script Two STL = Streamline STU = Stuyvesant SWS = Swiss/Helvetica TCS = Bickham Script TEK = Tekton TGR = Tiger Rag TIF = Tiffany TPM = Trump Medieval Roman TSS = Bickham Swash Caps UNR = University Roman VLA -Vladimir VOL = Shelley Volante VTN = Venetian 301 BT VTU = VTypewriter Underwood WTX = Wedding Text YBQ = Young Baroque ZPF = Zapfino One

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    SCR-I 07 Seven
    SCR-I 10 Ten
    SCR-I M07 Mono Seven
    SCR-N 0551 Five Tight
    SCR-N 0552 Five Regular
    SCR-N 0553 Five Bold
    SCR-N 0751 Seven Tight
    SCR-N 0752 Seven Regular
    SCR-N 0753 Seven Bold
    Freestyle Script
    SCR-I M10 Mono Ten
    SCR-N 0571 Five Ext Tight
    SCR-N 0572 Five Ext Regular
    SCR-N 0573 Five Ext Bold
    SCR-N 0731 Seven Cond Tight
    SCR-N 0732 Seven Cond Regular
    SCR-N 0733 Seven Cond Bold
    SCR-N 0741 Seven Narrow Tight
    SCR-N 0742 Seven Narrow Regular
    SCR-N 0743 Seven Narrow Bold
    SCR-N 0772 Seven Ext Regular
    SCR-N 0773 Seven Ext Bold
    Freestyle Script Bold LET
    Freestyle Script LET Plain
    Freestyle Script SB-Reg
    Freestyle Script SH-Reg
    Freestyle Script SB-Reg Alt
    Freestyle Script SH-Reg Alt
    Ivana Scr Reg
    Freestyle Script Regular
    Snell Roundhand LTStd-Bd Scr
    Snell Roundhand LTStd-Scr
    SG Freestyle Script SB Volume
    SG Freestyle Script SH Volume
    Snell Roundhand LTStd-Blk Scr
    SG Freestyle Script SB Regular Alternative
    SG Freestyle Script SH Regular Alternative
    Freestyle Script Complete Family Pack
    DF Girl Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Girl Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF Girl Traditional Chinese HK-W 7
    DF Liu Li Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF Liu Li Traditional Chinese HK-W 7
    DF Liu Ye Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Girl Simplified on Traditional Chinese GB 5 HK-W 5
    DF Liu Xian Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Bang Bang Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF Dou Dou Traditional Chinese HK-W 3
    DF Dou Dou Traditional Chinese HK-W 5
    DF Lian Lian Traditional Chinese HK-W 2
    DF Lian Lian Traditional Chinese HK-W 4
    DF Liu Liu Traditional Chinese HK-W 7
    DF Yuan Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 2
    DF Yuan Yuan Traditional Chinese HK-W 4
    DF Girl Complete Family Pack
    DF Liu Li Complete Family Pack
    DF Dou Dou Complete Family Pack
    DF Lian Lian Complete Family Pack
    DF Yuan Yuan Complete Family Pack
    Libertine 1
    Libertine II
    FG Abby Regular
    FG Alison Regular
    Camelliaâ„¢ Regular
    Viktorie Regular
    Libertine III
    Demianâ„¢ Bold
    Demianâ„¢ Regular
    Expectationâ„¢ Regular
    Freestyleâ„¢ Script CE Regular
    Libertine Pro
    ITC Kulukundisâ„¢ Regular
    Boinkâ„¢ Drop Shadow
    Freestyleâ„¢ Script Bold
    Freestyleâ„¢ Script Regular
    Libertine Complete Family Pack
    Southern Nights Regular
    Wiccan-Intl Complete Family Pack
    Demian Complete Family Pack
    F2F Prototipa Multiplaâ„¢ Regular
    Ayres Royal Complete Family Pack
    Ascender Uni Duo
    ChristyMarie Outline
    ChristyMarie Regular
    Vengeance 3 D
    Argenta Regular
    Scrubby Regular SC
    Vengeance Lined N 1
    Zhikharev Multilingual Bold
    URW Balloon Bold
    Bradley Typeâ„¢ Italic
    Fertigo Script
    Vengeance Bold
    Vengeance College
    Vengeance Italic
    Vengeance Regular
    Vengeance Return

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