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    1 matches comment Festus! Modified, expanded.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14596 horses, unicorns
    1 matches comment Looks like a heavily expanded and eroded version of A&S Signwriter.
    1 matches comment That is the Britannic. I'm not sure whether it is the Bold or the Ultra. Either would need to be expanded to match you pict.
    1 matches comment That is the Earth Normal by Elfring Soft Fonts. Somewhat expanded for this logo. It's here on Abstractfonts.
    1 matches comment Microgramma DMed Ext or the clone Minima Expanded SSK :) ute
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #2853 For those of you looking for a commercial version: Levi Halmos has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license. So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here: http://www.cheapprofonts.com/Bitsumishi_Pro (Levi Halmos receives royalties from all sales)
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11583 Hi Alex, I love this font, but when you download it you get nothing. I have tried it several times. I notice that the expanded view of the font says "Could not read the ttf file".

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    Foster Handwriting
    Egyptian Expanded Expanded Bold
    Century Expanded
    Century Expanded
    Bi Bi Expanded
    Somewhat Expanded
    Century Expanded Bold
    Century Expanded Italic
    Century Expanded Italic
    Century Expanded Regular
    Eyptian Bold Expanded Bold
    P22 Tuscan Expanded
    Century Expanded Bold Italic
    Century Expanded Regular Italic
    Scribbles AF Biro
    Scribbles AF Ink
    Scribbles AF Marker
    Spud AF Crisp
    Spud AF Tatty
    GPRecycling Expanded
    GP_Leonardo Expanded
    Bi Bi Bold Expanded
    Bi Bi Demi Expanded
    Bi Bi Heavy Expanded
    Bi Bi Light Expanded
    CA No Dr Medium Expanded
    CA No Dr Slim Expanded
    Somewhat Expanded Bold
    Scribbles AF Felt Tip
    Mufferaw Expanded
    Pakenham Expanded
    Blacktie Expanded
    Gaspardo Expanded
    Mufferaw Expanded
    Fono Expanded
    Neuropol Nova Expanded
    Fono Expanded Oblique
    Merilee Expanded
    Cherritt Expanded Bold
    Cherritt SC Expanded Bold
    Fono Expanded Unicase
    Calligri Expanded
    Clarendon® Expanded Bold
    URW Century Expanded Volume
    Blound Expanded
    Bonaventure Expanded
    Cardinal Expanded
    Contouration Expanded
    Cordin Expanded
    Cowboyslang Expanded
    Crewekerne Expanded
    Czaristane Expanded
    Damure Expanded
    Doric Expanded
    Engebrechtre Expanded
    Eutheric Expanded
    Flute Expanded
    Fono Expanded
    Granville Expanded
    Gurnee Expanded
    Ilbit Expanded
    Jointed Expanded
    Kompine Expanded
    Larchmont Expanded
    McChesney Expanded
    Modcon Expanded
    Nok Expanded
    Nok SC Expanded
    Norlik Expanded
    Paragon Expanded
    Patagon Expanded
    Poltrone Expanded
    Quoral Expanded
    Reluxed Expanded
    Rhomus Expanded
    Roman X-Expanded
    Stubble Expanded
    Sweetmix 3 Expanded
    V-Hand Expanded
    Wastrel Expanded
    Wiki Expanded
    Cherritt Expanded Regular
    Cherritt SC Expanded Regular
    Mufferaw Expanded Bold
    Mufferaw Expanded Italic
    Pakenham Expanded Black
    Pakenham Expanded Bold
    Pakenham Expanded Book
    Pakenham Expanded Italic
    Absinette Expanded Regular
    CA No Dr Medium Expanded Italic
    CA No Dr Slim Expanded Italic
    Clarendon® LT Bold Expanded
    Genial Expanded Medium
    Fono Expanded Unicase Oblique
    Neuropol Nova Expanded Bold

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