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    6 matches comment Anyone know of a good (free) substitution for the following fonts: Americana HTF Gotham Condensed Book Thanks, SM
    1 matches comment There are a few that come close. But the R, I can not match the R. And the R is so dominant that any substitution will seriously change the logo. I'm sorry, I can't ID everything.
    1 matches comment Does the same occur with other (Microsoft) applications?
    1 matches comment Something I set up years ago and now want to update, but I can't remember for the life of me what the font was - it's rather like one by Nick Curtis called "Oaken Bucket" but not quite. This situation is bound to occur once in a while if you love fonts and have purchased thousands of them over the years.
    1 matches comment Adobe Sans MM (Multiple Metrics) and Adobe Serif MM are font substitution fonts that Adobe Reader will use when a font is not embedded in a PDF and is not installed on the computer where the PDF is opened. They scale is such a way that the line-flow stays intact (Multiple Metrics). You can not use these fonts yourself nor modify them.
    1 matches comment Parade!!! Yes that is what it is! I probably did condense it as I tend to stretch and squish my fonts in my graphics program. Thank you once again - I didn't think I had a Happy font, but Parade, yep! Here I was thinking I was the font master of all fonts (my friends will ask me what font is what and are often freaked out by my ability to name the font - yeah not much happening in the land of Oz!) - you, however even have the SIZE down pat. Thanks for all your help, more chocolate eating will occur in your honour:) Pete
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    1 matches comment Hi there here?s my replies hope they help, 1) My pleasure on Urwood link, glad I could help. 2) Regarding Font Magic the fix I gave you was how I solved the problem when I got it, the only other problem might occur if you didn?t uninstall the program completely including all its drivers and reinstall and then do the reg thingy before you actually start the program, once you have down loaded the full program look at the read me file it tells you exactly how to install all the components. I am by no means a programmer so sorry couldn?t help any more than this. 3) Sorry I meant you should send me a forum private message you can access this by going to the bottom of the forum page to a drop button called forum jump and select private messages. Sorry but I?ve been spammed to many times and don?t give out my e-mail to often but I respond to private messages as quick as a e-mail. No need to apologise I understand what with Christmas and all. 4) To Show font names in their own font in MS Word You can have Microsoft Word list the fonts names in the font itself as a sample of the font. By doing the following i) On the Tools menu, click Customize, and then click the Options tab. ii) Make sure there is a tick in the List font names in their font check box. Note The List font names in their font check box affects all your Microsoft Office programs. Now the matter with the font being used on explorer displays this should be easy to rectify just adjust the fonts via desktop properties or desktop themes. Desktop properties can be found by right clicking desktop then you will need to select the appearance tab. And desktop themes can be found by selecting the windows start button- settings- control panel, 5) Happy New Year to you as well and hope I was of some help again. BiG keep on fonting i am the great font-holio i need fonts for my bung hole lol.:D
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