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    2 matches comment Type-aholic is what I would prefer. And I guess the same goes for Ute. And, ehh, getting paid for the mania ... no problem. As long as you present it as a profession instead of a mania it is more, far more, than self supporting. But isn't that true in many professions? [img:5fe924f2c5]http://www.smilies.nl/bounce/pinkieone.gif[/img:5fe924f2c5] By the way, tom-cat that is.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Looks alot like the Double Alex/Paratype Mania Extended Oblique
    2 matches comment view details for free font #12720 Thanks so much, Ivan. Exactly what I was looking for in this very moment.
    1 matches comment I am a pastor at Seeds of Faith Lutheran Church in Mt. Vernon Iowa I am looking for any fonts with Seed, growing plant, leaf, plant tree flower or general garden themes can any of ya email with where I can get such fonts email at seeds@cedar-rapids.net Thanks Pastor Matt Muters
    2 matches comment Can anyone tell me what the name of the font which has a flower as a dot for the letter "i"? This was a birchcraft invitation. Thank you!!
    1 matches comment a few examples of flower fonts here http://www.dafont.com/fr/pselect.php?folder_id=36382 my selection of "flowers_leaves" (sorry, didn't find the same ones here at Abstracts)
    1 matches comment Greetings. I am looking for any number of dingbat fonts that include a picture of a lotus flower. I'm working on a simple logo for a website for a pal of mine and I am struggling to find said fonts. Any and all help is appreciated.
    1 matches comment No match this time Nicole. But I have something that comes reasonably close, the Flange BQ Italic alias the Flower SH-Italic. You will have to modify the t or replace the t by one of another font. It needs tight kerning and then you'll have to stretch the whole thing with some 30%. Not an elegant solution but it might work.
    1 matches comment I'm trying to write a user manual for a camera. I need the icons usually found on the camera control dials and menus, i.e.: flower, runner, face, mountain/pine tree, lightning bolt, etc., but I haven't been able to find a font for these. Any ideas? Thanks --Richie
    1 matches comment here is a small collection of my work flowers from our garden @---&--- [img:67fe9cd785]http://alamuae.org/upload/alam/Copy%20of%20IMGA0236%20copy.jpg[/img:67fe9cd785] [img:67fe9cd785]http://alamuae.org/upload/alam/IMGA034642%20copy.jpg[/img:67fe9cd785] [img:67fe9cd785]http://alamuae.org/upload/alam/pink.jpg[/img:67fe9cd785] [img:67fe9cd785]http://alamuae.org/upload/alam/flower.jpg[/img:67fe9cd785] My lil-bother's motorbike *_* [img:67fe9cd785]http://alamuae.org/upload/alam/bike.jpg[/img:67fe9cd785] [img:67fe9cd785]http://alamuae.org/upload/alam/bike2.jpg[/img:67fe9cd785] I am always open to suggestion to make my work better ^_~

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    Funghi Mania
    Funghi Mania Script
    Funghi Mania Regular
    Funghi Mania Script
    EF PYRO.mania etc Volume
    Funghi Mania Complete Family Pack
    Flower SB-Bold
    Flower SB-Book
    Flower SB-Italic
    Flower SB-Light
    Flower SB-Medium
    Flower SH-Bold
    Flower SH-Book
    Flower SH-Italic
    Flower SH-Light
    Flower SH-Medium
    DB Flower Power
    Flower Doodles
    Flower Inventory
    Flower Jars
    Flower Sketch
    Half Flower
    Half Flower 2
    Just Flower Pots
    Lemon Flower
    Flower SB-Bold Italic
    Flower SB-Light Italic
    Flower SB-Medium Italic
    Flower SH-Bold Italic
    Flower SH-Light Italic
    Flower SH-Medium Italic
    Cactus Flower Open SG Rg
    Cactus Flower Open SG Rg SC
    Cactus Flower Solid SG Rg
    Cactus Flower Solid SG Rg SC
    Flower Essences Medium
    Half Flower 2 Bold
    Half Flower 2 Italic
    Half Flower 2 Shadow
    FBG Flower
    Flower Essences
    Cactus Flower Open SGOT-Regular
    Cactus Flower Solid SGOT-Regular
    Flower Sketch Regular
    Half Flower 1
    SG Flower SB Bold
    SG Flower SB Book
    SG Flower SB Light
    SG Flower SB Medium
    SG Flower SB Volume
    SG Flower SH Bold
    SG Flower SH Book
    SG Flower SH Light
    SG Flower SH Medium
    SG Flower SH Volume
    SG Flower SB Bold Italic
    SG Flower SB Book Italic
    SG Flower SB Light Italic
    SG Flower SB Medium Italic
    SG Flower SH Bold Italic
    SG Flower SH Book Italic
    SG Flower SH Light Italic
    SG Flower SH Medium Italic
    Flower Jars Regular
    Flower & Leaf Borders
    Orgovan Flower Power
    Janda Flower Doodles Regular
    Flower Doodles Regular
    Just Flower Pots Regular
    PYROmania EF Encenderse
    PYROmania EF Extinguirse
    Half Flower 2 Bold
    Half Flower 1 Italic
    Half Flower 2 Italic
    Half Flower 2 Shadow
    Half Flower Regular 2
    Half Flower 1+2 Complete Family Pack
    Victorian™ Regular
    Half Flower 2 Complete Family Pack
    Half Flower1 Italic
    Mojo™ Regular
    Kalligraphia Regular
    Azalea Rough
    Azalea Smooth
    Dexter SC
    Lazybones Regular
    Davida™ Regular
    Victorian™ Inline Shaded
    Charade Regular
    ITC Jellybaby™ Regular
    ITC Snap® Regular
    Azalea Rough Ornaments
    Azalea Smooth Ornaments
    Dexter Regular
    Hapshash Regular
    Grocers Script
    Chez Moustache Regular
    Pound Web Regular
    Petite Fleur
    Cacao Fat

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