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    2 matches comment Which reminds me that Alex, when he was still young and ignorant, mumbled something about making a font matching thing. ¿Qué pasa?
    1 matches comment And another young new business happy ... you're welcome.
    1 matches comment uploaded image hold on, I'm trying to identify it, patience, young one.
    1 matches comment I've seen that. It was a softcore photograph of a young Asian lady. No fonts anywhere.
    2 matches comment I am trying to identify the attached font (attached as jpg). The letter F in Floriana is definitely not of the same font used for the rest of the letters in the team name. Would anybody know of/ recognise the font used in my attachment. thanks Mark
    1 matches comment Does anyone recognize this font or something close to it? Thanks!!!!
    1 matches comment I am not sure this is a font Casper. But I will try. Your English is perfectly well understandable. So, do not worry. Are you a young Dane? Because most of all Danes speak close to perfect English ...
    1 matches comment Thanks for showing me what it looks like - and looks like you've helped these folks by showing them where they can download it... That is - if Rune Font from APC is the same thing they are looking for... Ah to be young again...
    1 matches comment I'm looking for the font, if there is one, primarily used by young girls that is the letter with "bubbles at each corner of the letter. Does anyone know the name or what category it would be under?:confused:
    1 matches comment [quote:432ea16663="kocho"]Dont you have the floppy? :)[/quote:432ea16663] When I was young and ignorant I had ... But then, WAS.

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