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    8 matches comment I am looking for a free font similar to this one. Has anyone got an idea? Thanks in advance for your help!
    1 matches comment Hello, It might be «FF Clan OT»: FF is FontFont and OT means Open Type. Look at: http://www.fontfont.com/shop/render_product.ep?id=22539 and go into the shop: http://www.fontfont.com/shop/ and search for C -> FF Clan ... OT Bye Bye
    1 matches comment view details for free font #10897 Was already here Ivan ...
    1 matches comment The 'text' shown is: Clan Dunbar OF THE HOUSE OF GOSP James E. Matte ftain 2614 Auralie Dri Escondido, CA 5
    1 matches comment Font in the logo, the person who made the logo has since left the gameing clan and we can't seem to figure out what font it is. It's everywhere on everything we've got, so changeing it's not really an option. Any help is appreciated!
    1 matches comment Shoguns clan. The l/c L’s are really I’s. Alex: or here as kk pointed out EDIT: Ooops, haven't found it in the first time, sorry.
    1 matches comment Hi there font friend I see you like Solid Line is it NOX or Noxtious or something like that i think any way the font you need is called Yaren it took some time finding but hey i did it. Its made by iconian and a link to the page to down load it is below, take a look around the site its got some cool fonts and you can make up a new clan banner or such and not just settle for 04B cool font but limited. How I know so much is the secret of BiG LoL page to down load font iconian fonts home page BiG:cool:
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    FF Clan Offc Compressed Book Set
    FF Clan Offc Compressed Medium Set
    FF Clan Offc Compressed Thin Set
    FF Clan Offc Compressed Ultra Set
    FF Clan Offc Condensed Basic Set
    FF Clan Offc Condensed Black Set
    FF Clan Offc Condensed Book Set
    FF Clan Offc Condensed Medium Set
    FF Clan Offc Condensed Thin Set
    FF Clan Offc Condensed Ultra Set
    FF Clan Offc Extended Basic Set
    FF Clan Offc Extended Black Set
    FF Clan Offc Extended Book Set
    FF Clan Offc Extended Medium Set
    FF Clan Offc Extended Thin Set
    FF Clan Offc Extended Ultra Set
    FF Clan Offc Narrow Basic Set

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