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    2 matches comment Well, dear crowd I just want to wish you a very merry Christmas. I'm off for a few days. Stay healthy and be successful in the next years, so to say. Oh and yes, send some snow to Austria, if you have some left …
    2 matches comment As a person who works in human resources i would suggest sticking to the plainer fonts as fancy is too much like hard work to read. If you want something slightly different try goudy oldstyle. Stay clear of any caligrapy styles as you may find your resume ends up in the trash. Good luck
    1 matches comment No sharing here. This is a legal site and it wants to stay so.
    1 matches comment IC k guess it will stay that way for a while having issues w/lunarpages at the moment that link is only in some font files not all, but when i do any future updates to my fonts i will make sure to remove that url in those fonts that do. thank you
    1 matches comment [quote]@Heron2001:Alex, Let's just say you are now being invaded by the English side of Dafont![/quote] good, good :D welcome :) stay a while
    1 matches comment I have to leave, I will check this post in a few hours or tomorrow (do they stay up that long?). If you post after I leave, thanks.
    1 matches comment heh :) I doubt that this actually helps the person who asked for this - but it's a good practice for us, fontoholics :) We should stay aside from font recognition for a while - at least for the Holidays :D KKat and all the rest - have a great New Year's Eve and a successful 2007.
    1 matches comment Dear polish friend, I thought the message was loud and clear; NO fonts swapping/trading on this forum. We like it to stay up and running. Thus, in the case of commercial fonts the only response you will get here is ... goto the place where it can be bought.
    1 matches comment Jay, You are a cutie-pie. Along time ago I wanted to work in the diplomatic core - but due to some, um, black marks in my dossier -- this was not to be the case. Guess when I'm interested, I listen and observe... so you better stay interesting LOL
    1 matches comment Thanks once again. You are amazing. Quixley looks like it, Do you have a clue on where to find the original font. I know its an old font. I have bought many font packages to stay updated in new styles, but this project is a freebee for my church. I was hoping to avoid paying for another old font. Thanks everyone for helping out. Karman

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