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    2 matches comment ? I am looking for a fond named GOTHAM BOOK, hopefully I can find a place to download in free. It would be very appreciated if anyone can link me there. Thank you.
    4 matches comment ! Does anyone know if there is a clone for Gotham?
    1 matches comment Looks like Gotham by H+FJ.
    1 matches comment uploaded image OTF CFF is FAR superior to TTF vector > bitmap Why are there only 49 matches to a search for "OTF"
    2 matches comment Hi, it's might be Gotham Medium and Light (Hoefler & Frere-Jones): http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100008&path=head Bye bye
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14280 very good alternative to the ever popular HFJ Gotham :)
    1 matches comment I would say Gotham Bold
    1 matches comment Hi, Gotham by Hoefler & Frere-Jones? http://www.typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100008&path=head Bye Bye
    1 matches comment Anyone know of a good (free) substitution for the following fonts: Americana HTF Gotham Condensed Book Thanks, SM
    1 matches comment I just purchased CornDog font and it is blurry, jagged. I contacted the creator and he said that he created it on Mac and doesn't know how to solve my problem. I am not super computer skilled, on Windows 2000 and just simply wanting to drop the Font onto images. We are using it as our Logo name font for website and maybe some printed material later down the road. This is what he said it is: CFF (PostScript) OpenType font Can anyone help? Any image editing program, that is free that we can download that will make the font sharp and clean? Thanks in advance!

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    Gotham Rail Company NF
    Gotham Rail Company NF Regular
    Univers® Next CFF Basic 1 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Condensed 1 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Condensed 2 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Condensed 3 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Condensed 4 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Extended 1 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Extended 2 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Extended 3 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Extended 4 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Basic Family Pack
    Univers® Next CFF Compressed Family Pack
    Univers® Next CFF Condensed Family Pack
    Univers® Next CFF Extended Family Pack
    Univers® Next CFF Typewriter Family Pack
    Univers® Next CFF Basic 2 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Basic 3 Volume
    Univers® Next CFF Basic 4 Volume
    Novecento Pack
    Novecento Bold
    Novecento Book
    Novecento DemiBold
    Novecento Light
    Novecento Medium
    Novecento Normal
    Novecento UltraBold
    Novecento UltraLight
    Novecento Narrow Pack
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    Novecento Narrow Bold
    Novecento Narrow Book
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    Novecento Narrow Normal
    Novecento Narrow UltraBold
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    Novecento Wide Bold
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    Novecento Wide DemiBold
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    Novecento Condensed Pack
    Kamerik 105 Book
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    Novecento Condensed Bold
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    Kamerik 105 Bold
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    Kaleko 105 Book
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    Kaleko 205 Thin
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    Kaleko 205 Bold
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    Kessel 205 Book
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    Novecento Complete Family Pack
    Kessel 205 Bold
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    Dujour™ Regular
    Pescadero™ Bold
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    Chicory™ Regular
    Lindsey Bold
    Lindsey Family
    Lindsey Regular
    Pescadero Family
    Stenblak™ Bold
    Stenblak™ Regular
    Endurance Family
    Crestwood Regular
    Georgia® Bold
    Georgia® Italic

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