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    4 matches comment uploaded image I need a logo recreated in Berlin Sans Demi as a vector so that I can resize it for use within an advert. Can anyone recreate this logo for me, or better still supply the font for a Mac? The logo here: https://www.way2gohire.com/home/ I need the way2go lettering only. Please can someone help me asap! Many thanks
    2 matches comment Havn't got anything smaller? With this size the best gamble I can do is Peignot Demi.
    1 matches comment Alex: Thanks for the quick reply - Kabel Demi seems to be an exact match - I'm thrilled, this has ended a very long search, thanks again. Scott
    1 matches comment Yes, The King is right. But Kabel Demi is somewhat close :)
    1 matches comment Still no solution but have a look at the Tiffany Demi.
    1 matches comment It's customized version of Optima Demi Italic
    1 matches comment Avant Garde Demi
    1 matches comment Here you go ITC Bookman Demi Italic
    1 matches comment Newspapers rarely use standard available fonts so the chance to find this one is close to nil. Yet, if you want to imitate it give the Finalia DT Condensed Demi a shot ...

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    Bi Bi Demi
    HipHop Demi
    Demi Tasse
    Bi Bi Demi Expanded
    Futura® T Demi
    Romana Demi
    Lucida® Bright Demi
    Bookman Demi
    Futura PT Demi
    Souvenir Demi
    Tiffany Demi
    Futura® T Demi Oblique
    Corporate™ A Demi
    Corporate™ E Demi
    Corporate™ S Demi
    Sabon® Next Demi SC
    AntiQuasi Demi Bold
    WerkHaus Demi Bold
    ZionTrain Demi Bold
    Alize Demi
    Aster MN Demi
    Atlantica Demi LF
    Belucian Demi
    Beton Demi
    Boeotian Demi
    Corporate A Demi
    Corporate E Demi
    Corporate S Demi
    District Demi
    Dixon Demi
    Eurostile Demi
    Futura Demi
    Futura SC Demi
    Graphicus DT Demi
    Heldustry Demi
    Helenium Demi
    Hyline Demi
    JY Rebeca Demi
    Kagan Demi
    Mondial Plus Demi
    Nightjar Demi
    Ovidius Demi
    Portobello RR Demi
    Publicala-Demi Lf
    Publicala-Demi Tf
    Seconda Demi
    Snazzy Demi
    Stencilado Demi
    Tranquility JY 2 Demi
    Demi Tasse Bold
    Demi Tasse Light
    Sabon® Next Demi Italic SC
    Corporate™ A Plus Demi
    Corporate™ E Plus Demi
    Slipstream™ Demi
    Sabon® Next Demi OsF
    Really™ No 2 Demi
    Romana Demi
    Corporate™ A Plus Condensed Demi
    Corporate™ A Demi Italic
    Corporate™ E Demi Italic
    Corporate™ S Demi Italic
    Romana EF Demi
    Globe Gothic Demi
    Franklin Gothic Hand Demi Shadow
    URW Cooper Old Style Demi
    Sabon® Next Demi Italic OsF
    Alize Demi
    Corporate™ A Condensed Demi
    Corporate™ A Plus Demi Italic
    Corporate™ E Plus Demi Italic
    Really™ No 2 Demi Italic
    URW Cartel Demi
    URW Danmark Demi
    Optima nova® Demi SC
    Bookman Demi Italic
    Finalia DT Condensed Demi
    Futura PT Demi Italic
    Leipziger Ant Demi
    News Gothic Demi
    Souvenir Demi Italic
    Tiffany Demi Italic
    AntiQuasi Demi Bold Caps
    AntiQuasi Demi Bold Italic
    ZionTrain Demi Bold Italic
    Eurostile® CE Demi
    Raleigh™ CE Demi
    Planet Serif Demi
    Corporate™ A Plus Condensed Demi Italic
    Corporate™ A Condensed Demi Italic
    Ritafurey Demi Bold Italic
    URW Souvenir Gothic Demi
    Optima nova® Demi Italic SC
    URW Cooper Old Style Demi Italic
    ITC Oldrichium™ Demi Italic
    Ritafurey Demi Bold

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