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    15 matches comment Does anyone know this font? It's from the Monster Energy logo. It might be a custom logo, however. But I do believe I've seen this font somewhere... Thanks in advance, Sarsip
    1 matches comment WOW; KKat, incredible work. Your energy is awesome. Have! A! NICE! Evening!
    1 matches comment Being too lazy to type everything again ... rather spending my energy on my catnip ... read this. Little to add ...
    1 matches comment I would like to know the font for the word "Supergirl" that's in the hot pink lettering. I also like the way "invincible", "positive energy" and "girl power" if anyone can id hat as well. It may just be that the scrolling was added later, becaue "invincible" looks like bimini. Any help would be appreciated.
    1 matches comment Hey guys! I am looking for a team of crative and talented people to get together (not necessary physically) and work on something big that potentially can make us all rich and famous. I've got talent, energy, ideas and passion to create. let me know if you are just the same way, trying to find something to work on or someone to work on something with... ;) there, try saying that a couple times very fast...
    1 matches comment Hi all, I am constructing/designing a site for a personal development company. They are called "Ignite trainings". They will have a catch phrase something like" setting your potential alight" or" firing up your potential". I am looking for a font that reflects friendliness and possible energy as they are called "ignite". Any ideas anyone. Thanks a lot. silverfox
    2 matches comment Probably our own most important ambitions with regard to Diablo III is usually to help buy diablo 3 items and make incurs with the grotesque beasts in addition to vices of the Diablo 3 universe even more tactically interesting compared to they've been in prior mmorpgs. The challenge sits in carrying out that will without having taking away the particular accessibility, pace, plus forwards energy that this series is known to get. Here's exactly how most of us prefer to accomplish of diablo 3 gold. "Part connected with creating colossal encounters much more helpful sets on the shoulders on the monsters themselves -- yet it really is equally necessary that marilyn and i prepare yourself anyone, along with our own heroes, intended for interesting combat. " First, we have now summoned forth your malevolent throng with brand-new, additional diverse monster types.And then players are able to buy cheap d3 item in order to game monsters. While you challenge by way of Diablo III's areas, the seemingly unlimited wave connected with monsters will certainly observe anyone. Your decision in order to deal with (or maybe go) along with the obtain in which you hew by having a tv screen rich in Diablo 3 gold players may impact this pace plus emphasis regarding battle.If you are interested in diablo 3 equipment, just come to our angrygold.com site and get some gold basis to get it started with influence. And more information about the D3 game, you can find out at our angrygold.com site.
    1 matches comment KKat, the Cars-font is Magneto. But I am certain YOU DID know that before. K.R., if you want a serious answer in forums like this: Always provide a picture because our telepathy mode is low on energy these days. And seriously I don't know a similar font to Magneto in 3D-style. OK, try Deftone Stylus for a start and add 3D-effects. Or take this vector-art. And greetings to your pupils.
    1 matches comment I've been seeing this font everywhere.. and I love it. I saw this book and it ended up coming home with me, just because I liked the font used for the title. (That means I'm a dork, now doesn't it?) I then later found it in a book about Chakra energy and on the back of my friend's Linux penguin (Tux) Leonardo Da Vinci T-shirt. However, I only have an image of the book, so that'll have to do. It looks handwritten, but I soon realized it wasn't because I saw it in so many different places and the letters are basically the same, though on the cover some appear to be tweaked a bit, i.e. the L, but the Ns are identical.. but the i's aren't. Gee, this is a terrible example, now that I look at it.. there may as well be two different fonts there, or maybe it is handwritten and I'm just going insane. I'm dissapointed that this is the best example I could find, but I do love the font, if it is a font, and I wish I knew what it was called. If it isn't a font and it is somehow handwritten it would be very odd, but I love the style so if there are any similar-looking ones you could suggest I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance and thanks for just listening to me ramble on in the first place..
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