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    2 matches comment hey everyone i'm looking for fonts for this logo: its from the company electric visual any help would be amazing btw im looking for both fonts in the sample provided if its possible thank you in advance!! "m_shadows" [img:4a50ce2bcb]http://www.shorelinesurf.com/sun-electric-visual/electric-logo.jpg[/img:4a50ce2bcb]
    1 matches comment wheres the frikkin font wizard when i need him?
    1 matches comment Try Bizaro or Flotner. A little farer is Alpha Wizard, but could be kidoriented.
    1 matches comment Always so many things to learn!! And so little time! I aspire to be a wizard at all this someday . . . Take care.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6075 CEDAR HILL OUTLAWS
    1 matches comment thanks a lot, your a font wizard
    2 matches comment Hello - thanks for taking the time to read my posting... I need to make a logo for the word 'Shocked' and am looking for a free font that resembles something getting electrocuted or live or wire or electricity running through it etc.... Does anyone have any suggestions at all...? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Has anybody been trying to use Font Magic (download from www.007.fonts.com) recently? I downloaded it and after I figured out how to use it, tried to make a revolving logo. When I tried to use the Render Wizard it committed an illegal operation, an invalid page fault. in FONTMGIC.EXE. Does any one know how to fix this because I would really like to use the program. Thanks Scuroflusso
    1 matches comment "Lutz" looks like BigCheese DNA, while the "Electric & repair" is BeanSprout DNA. Unfortunately the SignDNA company is no longer in operation (or at least their site is dead), so I can't point you to a direct link.
    1 matches comment Not too long ago I came across a font called Denslow, named for W.W. Denslow, the artist who illustrated the original Wizard of Oz book by L. Frank Baum. I downloaded it free from the internet but can not find it anywhere now. For some reason I can't find it again and I not only loved it, I need for an upcoimng project. See the attached image and please help me if you can. Much obliged, AD TheSpaceBeagle

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