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    5 matches comment Looks like Bodoni Bold but the sample is too small for me to be sure.
    4 matches comment Where can I find Mrs Eaves Small Caps for free?
    4 matches comment ^- Wow. That's the site that I took a screenshot of! And I even emailed them to ask for the font name. Damn, it's a small internet lol :) Thanks for your reply on the font issue though
    4 matches comment Can anybody tell me what font this is?
    4 matches comment I need a font just like Times New Roman except that the small g is the modern style (like in this font) rather than oldstyle. Does such a font exist? If not, is there any free software with which I can make the modification and resave the font under some other name? Preferably something easy to use. Thanks.
    2 matches comment Hi! I couldn't identify this font of yours, but it looks like a special small pixel font made for screens. Here's a URL leading to more sites with small pixel fonts. I didn't find the one you asked for but I saw very similar ones. Ute http://www.websitetips.com/fonts/index2.html#pixelfonts
    1 matches comment Not a font. Monotype's Times Small Text is close. See here for the logo. Edited. kk
    3 matches comment The dates are in 04b. The rest of the text might just be either Photoshop Small or Photoshop Large.
    1 matches comment Bullet Small Caps formally known as Global Small Caps. All lower case.
    1 matches comment Hi, the Sans should be a Futura Small Caps. See also Softmakers Function Small Caps. The Serif is something like a Times, Times New Roman. Bye bye

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    Edgewater Small
    Edgewater Serif
    Edgewater Square
    Daniella Small MF-Medium
    Cherrit Small Capitals Set
    Architect Small Block
    Ablati Small Caps Italic
    Farola Small Caps
    CPCompanyFlash Small
    Latok Small
    AntiRomantic Small Caps
    Lyps Small
    Matrona Small
    Mommie Small
    Sewn Small
    Ablati Small Caps
    Chianti BT Small Cap
    Futura Small Caps Volume
    Arrus BT Small Cap
    Eurostile Small Caps Volume
    Broadway™ Small Caps (D)
    Anguillette Small Caps
    Chianti BT Bold Small Cap
    Iowan Old Style BT Small Cap
    FF Celeste Small Text Offc Volume
    Ambigue™ Regular Small Size
    Broadway™ Engraved Small Caps (D)
    Ablati Small Caps
    Adantine Small Capitals
    Allektra-Small Caps
    Alphabet-Small Caps
    Altar-Small Caps
    Altra Small Caps
    Anavio Small Capitals
    Aplomb Small Caps
    Archetype-Small Caps
    Augustin Small Caps
    Basis Small Caps
    Bebop Small Caps
    Belen-Small Caps
    Bello Small Caps
    Bromwich Small Caps
    CA Texteron Small Caps
    Cale Small Caps
    Cartesius Small Caps
    Charlotte Small Caps LET
    Charter Small Cap
    Cherritt Small Capitals
    Chianti Small Cap
    Cicero Small Caps
    Clementhorpe Small Capitals
    Corzinair Small Caps
    Crucifix Small Caps
    De Louisville Small Caps
    Doncaster Small Capitals
    Elysium Small Caps LET
    Envoy Small Caps
    Esta Small Caps
    Fantini Small Caps
    Figural Small Caps
    Fluxgold Small Caps
    Ganymede Small Caps
    Haggard Small Caps
    Haylurker Small Caps
    Haymer Small Capitals
    Helenium Small Capitals
    Jupiter Small Caps
    JY Rebeca Small Caps
    Konvexist-Small Caps
    Laricio Small Caps
    Le Gendarmerie Small Caps
    Lightbox Small Caps
    Lithia-Small Caps
    Lunix-Small Caps
    Lyps Extra Small
    Margara Small Caps
    Mercury-Small Caps
    Mexborough Small Capitals
    Minerva-Small Caps
    Mokka Small Caps
    Monospasz-Small Caps
    Moravus Small Caps
    Neuquen SC FX Small Caps
    Neuquen SC Small Caps
    Paragon Small Capitals
    Pastina Small Caps
    Praxis-Small Caps
    Promethian Small Caps
    Prospera Small Caps
    Questal Small Caps
    Relato Small Caps
    Ruly Small Caps
    Rumba Std Small
    Runestone Small Caps
    SFPL Small Caps
    Spaza Small Caps
    Sunwind Small Caps
    Suomi Small Caps

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