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    4 matches comment does anyone know the name of, or where to find the Font used with A Tribe Called Quest album covers? any help would be appreciated! regards. this link to the myspace page shows the font in use: http://www.myspace.com/atribecalledquest
    4 matches comment Hi! I am looking for this font, please let me know if you can think of anything close or right on! Thanks!
    3 matches comment Thank for the help :D. I have the Hannibal and Dragon fonts, but I couldn't find Bee Four T on the site. Any chance you could post a link??? :)
    1 matches comment Hey i downloaded a japannese font, but are 9 archives inside the zip file, i want write Dragon and Keep with the japannese characteres, but i dont know use all files (.tft), any person can say to me how I can write or use the archives to write the dragoon and Keep ? Thx if u help me and know how write Keep and Dragon :P please ^^. Sorry for my english is bad
    1 matches comment Hello again! This little minx is Dragon EF (Extra Bold) with a little kerning adjustment. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ef/dragon/ef-extra-bold/testdrive.html?s=Isle+of+Man+Government&p=48 If memory serves, it was included with Windows '95 - and may well have been included with more recent editions of Windows or CorelDRAW and the like - under the alias "Griffon". I hope that does you well. -Tørnquist
    1 matches comment I do apologize for not being here 24/7. Sometimes one needs to do something else. So sorry. Anyway the one you are after is the Knights Quest.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15540 vxfgddfdf
    1 matches comment I need to make a logo for a auto part store here in antioch and the owner is very spacific on what he wants. he loves the a in the car quest logo but i have no idea what font it is.
    1 matches comment Not only you taught me that there's nice people out there but even people so mischievous that sells commercial fonts as they were made just for the buyer only because they designed a wn ligature. This forum is a gold mine. My appreciation to the experts at Typophile and my deepest thanks for the time you dedicated to this quest. In your and Kat's honour, I'll buy this beautiful font.

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    Quest RR Bold
    Quest RR Light
    Quest RR Medium
    Kings Quest ROB
    Kings Quest
    Dragon TS-Bold
    Dragon TS-Light
    Dragon TS-Medium
    Dragon TS-Regular
    Dragon TS-XBold
    Dragon TS-XLight
    Dragon EF Bold
    Dragon EF Italic
    Dragon EF Light
    Dragon EF Medium
    Dragon EF Regular
    Dragon Drop
    Dragon Fang
    Dragon Serial
    Dragon TS-Bold Italic
    Dragon TS-Demi Bold
    Dragon TS-Light Italic
    Dragon TS-Medium Italic
    Dragon TS-Regular Italic
    Dragon TS-XBold Italic
    Dragon TS-XLight Italic
    Quest Bold
    Quest Light
    Quest Medium
    Quest Volume
    Dragon EF Bold Italic
    Dragon EF Demi Bold
    Dragon EF Extra Bold
    Dragon EF Extra Light
    Dragon EF Light Italic
    Dragon EF Medium Italic
    Dragon Serial Bold
    Dragon Serial Heavy
    Dragon Serial Italic
    Dragon Serial Light
    Dragon Serial Medium
    Dragon Serial Xbold
    Dragon Serial Xlight
    Dragon TS-Demi Bold Italic
    Dragon EF Demi Bold Italic
    Dragon EF Extra Bold Italic
    Dragon EF Extra Light Italic
    Dragon Serial Bold Italic
    Dragon Serial Heavy Italic
    Dragon Serial Light Italic
    Dragon Serial Medium Italic
    Dragon Serial Xbold Italic
    Dragon Serial Xlight Italic
    EF Dragon CE 1 Volume
    EF Dragon CE 2 Volume
    EF Dragon Light
    EF Dragon Medium
    EF Dragon Regular
    EF Dragon Bold
    EF Dragon CE Bold
    EF Dragon CE Light
    EF Dragon CE Medium
    EF Dragon CE Regular
    EF Dragon Demi Bold
    EF Dragon Extra Bold
    EF Dragon Extra Light
    EF Dragon Light Italic
    EF Dragon Medium Italic
    EF Dragon Regular Italic
    EF Dragon Bold Italic
    EF Dragon CE Bold Italic
    EF Dragon CE Demi Bold
    EF Dragon CE Extra Bold
    EF Dragon CE Extra Light
    EF Dragon CE Light Italic
    EF Dragon CE Medium Italic
    EF Dragon CE Regular Italic
    EF Dragon Demi Bold Italic
    EF Dragon Extra Bold Italic
    EF Dragon Extra Light Italic
    EF Dragon CE Demi Bold Italic
    EF Dragon CE Extra Bold Italic
    EF Dragon CE Extra Light Italic
    Dragon Drop Regular
    EF Dragon 1 Volume
    EF Dragon 2 Volume
    Chineze Dragon Complete Family Pack
    Dave Gibbons Volume
    Dave Gibbons-Intl Volume
    Kings Family Complete Value Pack
    Manganese Complete Family Pack
    Chineze Dragonâ„¢ 1

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