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    14 matches comment I need a font just like Times New Roman except that the small g is the modern style (like in this font) rather than oldstyle. Does such a font exist? If not, is there any free software with which I can make the modification and resave the font under some other name? Preferably something easy to use. Thanks.
    10 matches comment I have been searching EVERYWHERE on the internet for the Square721BT-Roman font and can't find it anywhere. Does anybody know where I can download it????
    13 matches comment Avant Garde Book BT is not a free font, I presume, right?
    12 matches comment I need a freeware, free license, freely used, free, no cost version of these Roman Capitals with the geometric construction circles and outlines. Does anyone know where I can find a free version of this? Thanks!
    8 matches comment Found none that are a perfect match. There are 3 around that come close, the Fago Normal Black Caps (Ole Schaefer, 1999) and the Meta Bold Caps (Erik Spiekermann, 1991), both available at FontFont.com and the BlissCaps ExtraBold (Designed by Jeremy Tankard for Agfa Division Bayer Corporation. The year says 1996 but the date has probably been tampered with) which is very much like the Meta, though not a clone and runs a bit wider. All 3 are fine for 'Life', but all 3 fail for 'Second'; not matching the S, c and d.
    11 matches comment Can anyone tell me where I can download this "BEARS" font?
    10 matches comment Hello, Does anyone know where can I find this kind of fonts for free download? It looks like some kind of English Script, but double lined. Thank you in advance :))
    11 matches comment You can not and should not. Helvetica Neue is a commercial font.
    4 matches comment actually i dont want meta anymore.. sorry... i need this font for a printed magazine and meta has jumping numbers... ie they are not vertically aligned to th ebaseline... they "jump".. so that fonts is no good for a magzine. here is a sample of the font i am looking for, taken from "Stuff" magazine do ou know what it is?

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    FF Meta Book
    FF Meta Hebrew Book
    FF Meta Condensed Book
    FF Meta Offc Book Set
    FF Meta Offc Condensed Book Set
    FF Meta Book Italic
    FF Meta Serif Offc Book Set
    FF Meta Hebrew Book Italic
    FF Meta Condensed Book Italic
    FF Meta 1 Volume
    FF Meta Bold
    FF Meta Medium
    FF Meta Normal
    FF Meta Collection
    FF Meta 2 Volume
    FF Meta Black
    FF Meta Hairline
    FF Meta Light
    FF Meta Thin
    FF Meta Hebrew Bold
    FF Meta Serif OT 3
    FF Meta Black Italic
    FF Meta Condensed Black
    FF Meta Condensed Bold
    FF Meta Condensed Medium
    FF Meta Condensed Normal
    FF Meta Headline Black
    FF Meta Headline Volume
    FF Meta Condensed 1 Volume
    FF Meta Condensed 2 Volume
    FF Meta Hairline Italic
    FF Meta Light Italic
    FF Meta Thin Italic
    FF Meta Offc Volume
    FF Meta Serif Pro 3
    FF Meta Condensed Extra Bold
    FF Meta Offc Basic Set
    FF Meta Offc Black Set
    FF Meta Offc Condensed Volume
    FF Meta Offc Hairline Set
    FF Meta Offc Light Set
    FF Meta Offc Medium Set
    FF Meta Offc Thin Set
    FF Meta Serif/Sans Complete Suite
    FF Meta Serif Offc Volume
    Mendoza Roman Std-Book
    FF Meta Offc Condensed Basic Set
    FF Meta Offc Condensed Black Set
    FF Meta Offc Condensed Medium Set
    FF Meta Serif Offc Black Set
    FF Meta Serif Offc Bold Set
    FF Meta Serif Offc Medium Set
    Mendoza Roman Std-Book Italic
    FF Meta Offc Condensed Extra Bold Set
    FF Meta Bold Italic
    FF Meta Medium Italic
    FF Meta Normal Italic
    FF Meta Correspondence Regular
    FF Meta Hebrew Volume
    FF Meta Serif OT Collection
    Caxton Roman Book LET
    Polymer-Book Roman
    FF Meta Condensed Medium Italic
    FF Meta Hebrew Bold Italic
    FF Meta Serif Black Italic
    FF Meta Condensed Black Italic
    FF Meta Condensed Bold Italic
    FF Meta Condensed Normal Italic
    FF Meta Headline Compressed Bold
    FF Meta Headline Compressed Regular
    FF Meta Headline Compressed Black
    FF Meta Headline Compressed Volume
    FF Meta Headline Condensed Bold
    FF Meta Headline Condensed Regular
    FF Meta Headline Condensed Volume
    Bembo® Book Roman
    FF Meta Headline Condensed Light
    FF Meta Condensed Extra Bold Italic
    Polymer Book Roman
    FF Meta Serif/Sans Basic Suite Volume
    Scotch Roman™ Roman
    Ragnar™ Roman
    Devin™ Roman SC
    Roos Roman
    Roos Roman SC
    Pinnacle JY LF Roman
    Life® Roman
    Scotch Roman™ Roman Italic
    Devin™ Roman
    Roos Roman Italic
    Janson® Text 55 Roman SC
    Candida® Roman
    Iowan Old Style BT Roman
    Old Roman
    Arrus BT Roman
    Arrus BT Roman OSF
    Janson® Text 55 Roman SmallCaps OSF
    Iowan Old Style BT Roman OSF
    Roman Ornamented Roman
    University Roman

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