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    2 matches comment I just clicked on your red link and I can see that you have 80 bookmarked. It is not the same for me. In my home, there is no such thing written under "download your bookmarked". As to what kind of browser I use, I have internet explorer(is this what you mean? Thank you
    1 matches comment ? hi just joined, when clicking any of the options on left, nothing happens. type in font name does bring in what's there. tried on explorer and chrome Thanks.
    1 matches comment it doesnt matter where you download them to. You just have put them somewhere where you will find them. After open that folder in your Windows Explorer and unzip them. After that, install
    1 matches comment *insert hysterical scream here, along with hear-tearing and head-banging* Well, huh!! It works fine in Internet Explorer! I... don't... get it!
    1 matches comment what browser? if explorer you can just try changing your 'text size' you can do it by going to VIEW -> TEXT SIZE or hold down CTRL and scroll your mouse wheel... (if you have one) let me know if that helped...
    1 matches comment ? Hey, does anyone know the name of the font used in the URL bar in internet explorer? I think the same font is used in google where the description is (under the sites), and also in Wikipedia. Also, the font that this post is in also looks like it. Thanks a lot. =)
    1 matches comment I found this font combination on one of microsoft's website for Internet Explorer 9. in the CSS it is font-family:'Segoe Regular',Segoe,'Segoe UI',Arial,sans-serif and really gives out a nice font... now, is there a way to create these combinations or is this some algorithm or something... i would love if someone could shed some light on this. thanks in advance
    1 matches comment have you cheked that folder with windows explorer to make sure that the font files ( .TTF ) are actually there? if yes then just move those .TTF files into your C:\Windows\Folder
    1 matches comment anybody please help me locating the font for the web page. what happened is in order to remove those unused fonts i started deleting the fonts one by one. the next day when i open the browser say yahoo! mail in internet explorer i see the font in the page little bit expanded and much more larger. could anyone tell me the font i need to install to get back the original font of the web page? [/img]
    1 matches comment [color=blue:fb6b7005e8]Hi everyone wonder if you could help me i have been using this site for almost a year now two weeks ago i got a new computer and went to download some fonts but everytime i click any options to see the fonts list i get nothing, can someone help me ive tried changing my privacy setting and clearing my cookies and all that but just get the same i even tried changing my browser from internet explorer to opera and it does the same i cant see any fonts here a screenshot below i clicked to see the disney fonts and it didnt show this was all i got.It lists there is three pages of fonts but as u can see under it gives me nothing. Its driving me crazy cause ive always used this site cause i really like it now i cant. [/color:fb6b7005e8] [img:fb6b7005e8]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y215/biatch20043/My%20screenshots/Fontss.jpg[/img:fb6b7005e8]

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