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    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font that is like fiolex girls, but instead of little hearts, I want dog paw prints. Anyone know of anything like this? I don't want the pawprint font where each letter is inside its own full pawprint, but I just want the paws for accents like the hearts in fiolex girls. Thanks very much!
    1 matches comment Dog owners enjoy dressing up small dogs. Smaller breed dogs have hair rather than fur and are sensitive to chilly weather. They need the warmth of Dog Clothes if they are outside for any length of time. Dog breeds such as: Yorkshire Terriers, Silky Terriers, Chinese Crested Dogs, Dachshunds and Maltese truly benefit from wearing a dog sweater or coat. Little dogs don’t like the feel of the cold or rain and are happiest warm and dry.
    1 matches comment Good Dog Plain
    3 matches comment Trying to identify some of the fonts in this poster: "Cassius Clay" "Biscayne" "Dog track" Any ideas?
    2 matches comment Kat - Glad to see you are alive and well... And though I am a dog person - I have one little Lucy cat in the house now...
    2 matches comment How can I actaully USE those fonts? Cuz when i click the .ttf file it comes up with all the alphabets in the font and the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".:confused:
    2 matches comment Does anyone recognize this font? I thought it was "Good Dog" but that is slightly off... any ideas? Thanks!!!
    1 matches comment Thanks...that should do... Funny to be a cat helping a dog. Cheers.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Please meet Jackies new happiness, Ollie. The former dog-friend of her, Bogie, was killed by an UPS-Truck earlier this year …
    1 matches comment Many thanks koeiekat. You must have an encyclopaedic knowledge of fonts and/or a photographic memory! I used to have a cat - I was nice to it but the neighbour's dog scared it away! Thanks again.

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